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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zoo Day

(Yesterday's post somehow did not get published-go check it out!)

With the mind consuming issue regarding my eye that occurred at the beginning of September I totally forgot about a delightful highlight from that day.
We took our kids to the zoo.
Sierra was thrilled to meet Bob the monkey, Nirmy the elephant and Fox the zebra. No, those aren't actually the names of the animals there. Trevor tells Sierra original bedtime stories with those such characters. It added an extra element of excitement for her to meet the figments of Trevor's imagination. She was especially stoked at meeting Nirmy the elephant.

Kids sure do add a fun outlook on life!

She wasn't so sure about the snakes!

Sawyer contentedly rode in the Snuggli on my back and here he is actually snoozing. Clearly, he was ethralled!

It's too bad such a lovely outing was shadowed by my gimp eye but it's a good thing we have pictures as happy reminders!

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