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Monday, October 25, 2010

Carla's Buffet Challenge

Kids have to be the most frustrating beings on this Earth to feed.
My husband may grumble at some of what I make - but he eats it because he didn't have to prepare it.
My parents and in-laws are generally just appreciative of my providing them a meal and aren't that fussy anyway.
My cat gets no choice and doesn't seem to care, he eats what I give him and adds the occasional mouse to his diet. (he's caught 4 since we moved in to this house - ewww!)
Dogs will eat pretty much anything and think it's the most divine culinary creation to ever cross their taste buds. (well my dogs I had while growing up were like that)

My children write a whole different story.
Sierra would exist on pasta and bread if I let her. Oh and chocolate, or anything sweet for that matter. She's a true female! Oh wait, that is what she live on! I wrote this post a year and a half ago and not much has changed except her ability to verbally communicate her dislikes about what I offer her.

Sawyer, to my dismay and while still limited to baby mush, is already showing strong dietary preferences as well. When I offer peas or some other veggie mixtures he will obligingly eat a few spoonfuls before either spitting it at me or clamping his mouth shut or looking around at anything but me and the loaded spoon. It doesn't matter if it's homemade or store bought, he turns his nose up at it. Last week I tried a pasta and veggies combination and he gaped his mouth open like a baby bird in between spoonfuls and nearly polished off an entire jar! Most fruit gets the same response, his cereal is eaten well too. He is also very texture sensitive, the new pasta meals I've been giving him contain tiny bits of noodles and meat that are not pureed and if he feels them in his throat he gags, sometimes until he throws up a bit. He doesn't choke, the bits are far too soft and small, so it doesn't worry me. He just needs to swallow and all would be well.

Meal times take an hour most days.
I prep Sierra's food with all her particulars, I prep mine (usually healthier, with less carbs and more veggies) and while trying to eat my meal run back and forth to meet Sierra's demands. Then I feed Sawyer. It is sooo frustrating and not only does it take a considerable amount of time to make there is also a lot more clean up too.

It feels like a restaurant buffet in my house and I'm the chef!
Yet what else do I do?
My kids have to eat and I do my best to get at least some healthiness into them. (Sneakily I might add but whatever works sometimes) The food Trevor and I occasionally prefer (such as salad and steak) would get the scorn from many kids so for those meals I prep something separate for her. I often try to cook meals that Sierra might enjoy but reading the mind of a three year old?

So I spend what feels like a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen and pray my kids don't suffer malnourishment.

1 comment:

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I remember those days. For the seven years of elementary school, my daughter would only eat white bread and butter. It made lunch-making easy, but boring. These days, I make them at least try everything on the table -- even if it's just a mouthful. Hang in there.