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Friday, October 22, 2010

My Week

(I realized at 10 o'clock last night, while sacked out on the couch watching CSI, that I hadn't posted for the day yet. I really didn't feel like it - so I didn't.)

I have had a great week. I attribute that to a combination of many factors with the main one being the Spirit of God working in my life. A lot of it seems very practical and simple and I can see how people will look at the list and say
"How is that anything spiritual?"
It's a little hard to explain but I believe that the Spirit of God motivated me to do these things and provided me with a positive attitude in spite of some factors that could have been potential downers.

1. I started exercising in the morning again and my body is thanking me rather than complaining. I've done four out of five days this week so far. Activity to start my day is so stimulating and pushes me through the rest of the day both mentally and physically.

2.I've been feeding my body much healthier food. It's amazing how the right fuel achieves higher output!

3.The weather has been fantastic! Warm and sunny - we wore shorts yesterday! Is is really fall? I'd be confused on that one if it weren't for the lack of leaves on the trees.

4. My kids have been in great moods. I'm sure most of that has to do with a happy Mommy. I have been far less irritable with them and been able to exhibit a higher level of patience with their antics. The fact that they've been awake every morning by 7:15 when they used to wait until 8 hasn't angered me - it's extra motivation to work out! And they've allowed me to work out with only minor interruptions. Sierra calling to me repeatedly from her room at bed time or afternoon nap/quiet time hasn't made me want to pull my hair out. I can even say that Sawyer's aggravating 4 A.M. wake up calls haven't infuriated me (but seriously, the kid is 8 months old - JUST GO BACK TO SLEEP BY YOURSELF!!) Overall, I have truly enjoyed my children this week - most of the time.

5. Despite not particularly wanting to watch hockey all three times already this week, I haven't felt at all snarky with it being on. I don't sit and scowl at the TV wishing the ice would crack open and swallow up all the players. Besides, we're paying for it so we might as well watch the games.

6. It's Friday, my house is already clean because we hosted our church Bible study group last night so I can leisurely work through the mountain of laundry and just be at home.

I'm anticipating an equally great weekend.

I hope yours is too!


Anonymous said...

hockey's great and cars bad.

Carla said...

haha TREVOR!!