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Monday, October 11, 2010

Attack of the Birds

It was late last night when we returned to Trevor's aunt and uncle's house - the place we are staying on this little/long trip. The kids were both sleeping so we carefully gathered all our things and gently lifted them out of the van and walked toward the house. I was ahead of Trevor and had Sawyer.
A bird began to fly around the porch light as I neared the door.
Then another one appeared.
All of sudden there were approximately fifteen of them flying around like they were buzzed out on drugs!
At that point I was committed to going so I emitted a little shriek, ducked my head and ran, opened the door and raced in. As I shut the door I heard a bird smack into it and saw it fall to the ground through the window. Then I turned around and lo and behold a bird had flown into the house and was flying down the hall! Thankfully it simply perched itself on a cabinet at the end and just stared at us.
Now what?
Meanwhile Trevor was carrying Sierra who'd had a conniption at the sight of those crazed out birds. He ended up coming through the garage door to avoid the melee. We both zipped down the hall to our rooms, upsetting the bird again. (There is nothing quite like having a bird zooming by your head!) By this time the commotion had fully aroused our kids so I worked on getting a terrified Sierra settled down while Trevor dealt with the lost bird. He managed to heard the bird into the garage where it stayed until morning.
This morning - aside from the bird in the garage - there was no sign of a bird anywhere near the front door!
Speaking of birds - it's Canadian Thanksgiving today and I was attacked by another bird. This one was dead and all it assaulted were my taste buds and stomach! Yum!
Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Ahhh, that is horrifying!! I'm always afraid birds will fly into the house!!