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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Old Treasures

I was rummaging around in our disaster of a storage room this morning hunting for something I that just can't seem to find when I came across a box labeled "Carla's" in my mom's writing. On the top I spied an old Barbie-type doll of mine and decided to bring the box up for Sierra (and myself of course) to discover.
Join me down memory lane:

Left is Bethany Rosetta - my only Cabbage Patch doll that my parents fought people to buy!
Middle is Kelly - my first and favourite doll.
Right - can't remember this one's name but she's what was called a "My Child" doll.

My mom sewed all these clothes for Bethany. I'm amazed at the skill she had and the detail that went into these! (she doesn't sew these days)

The blue bunting bag was hand made by my grandma.

You can't see it in this picture but the pink pants on the left have little flower stitching along the pockets and a zipper seam sewed in!
I made the cape on top, you can tell, it doesn't match the caliber of the other items!

Doesn't she just scream '80's? I loved her outfit!

Don't I look accomplished with all these?
Yeah, whatever.
Left to Right: Two academic medals of some sort from grades 7 & 8
Canada fitness badges, physical tests we had to go through at the end of each school year grades 1-6 (sit-ups, push-ups, endurance running, sprinting etc.)
Swimming lesson badges.
Gymnastics badges.
Bronze and Gold for playing ping-pong in the summer games. I won the bronze out of only three competitors and was for the singles division, the gold was doubles and there was only one other team, I think I was 11.
The green ribbon was grade 9 track, the relay. We only got forth because one team member neglected to eat lunch and nearly passed out. I remember being so ticked because we totally had the number one spot!
The red and blue ribbons were for our local fair where I entered carrots or potatoes or something that I'd grown in my own little corner of my parents garden.


Tammie said...

i love all the doll clothes your mom made. how sweet. is sierra going to get these treasures? does she play with dolls? lucys never been interested, much to my disappointment.

Danette said...

You have an antique with your cabbage patch doll! I remember when those came out. The other one may be too- you should check. My daughters still have their barbies and I check in antique stores and even from 10-15 years ago they are worth more than they were when I bought them. (The holiday barbies)fun stuff!

Carla said...

I don't feel old enough to have antiques! On the other hand it's kind of a cool thought. Sierra does play with dolls - she can sure act like a little mom!