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Saturday, October 9, 2010


(Sorry I'm a day late with this one. The post was typed but there was no access to internet.)

5:00 A.M. Alarm goes off. Carla moans and curses knowing it’s not just a quick Sawyer feeding that is waking her up.

5:35 A.M. On the road - only five minutes later than planned. Pretty good with two kids!

5:55 A.M. Sierra declares her need for a bathroom. We try to explain that she just went, after we woke her up, apparently she was still sleeping and has no recollection of the act. We stop in order for her to produce a mere dribble. I explain that she better push all her pee out now because it is going to be a long while before the next potty.

6:30 A.M., Carla is asleep. Sawyer is also back in slumber mode. Sierra on the other hand is watching the sky begin to lighten.

7:30 A M. First DVD

7:45 A.M. Second DVD

7:55 A.M. Third DVD - Carla has had enough of this game and says no more DVDs!!! Apparently Sierra is excited by all her options and was hoping to view them all at once. Carla on the other hand has to crank her head back and contort her body every time a DVD needs switching.

9:20 A.M : Breakfast at McD’s. The food was stellar (insert sarcasm here). Sierra turns her nose up at all options and ends up getting toast from A&W.

10:05 A.M. Back on the road. Carla spends the next half an hour switching DVD’s, fetching drinks and snacks for Sierra, and retrieving Sawyers toys from the floor. Carla feels like she’s had a work out for the circus and says “ENOUGH!!” Everyone goes to sleep except Trevor - who’s driving.

12:15P.M. - We reached the half way point and stop for lunch.

1 P.M. Back on the road Carla is sitting in the back of the mini-van and entertaining Sawyer. It must suck to sit backwards and stare at the back of a car seat.

7:00 P.M. - We are just over a half and hour from our destination. Sawyer is finally asleep having only slept about forty minutes since noon when he normally sleeps a good two plus hours. He was G-R-U-M-P-Y!! My body is very sore from all the acrobats I’ve done today climbing from the front to the back to the front again, from picking up many a dropped items and providing various snacks and DVDs etc. Sierra somehow managed to poop in her underwear as well which we discovered at the last rest stop. Nice. She was farting away for awhile there and apparently more than air was coming out. She’s three, stuff happens with three-year-olds. The timing sucked though. Overall she has been a good little traveler, very little complaining and her demands haven’t been too great. She has only slept a half an hour since waking up this morning so I’m not sure how she is functioning. We’ll likely pay tomorrow!
Anyway. I’m glad to say we are safe and mostly unscathed - Sawyer may resent his car seat - and us - after this trip but he’ll survive! I’m signing off now, we are obviously really close as we’re driving on the signature bump, bump, bump of Winnipeg roads and I can barely see my shaking screen.
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1 comment:

Tammie said...

HA HA. this was hilarious. and im laughin with you not at you. :)