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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The sun has been hot, the sky blue, the days full. 
I love summer!
 We've been camping, took a week to vacation in BC, worked on our yard, played with our kids outside, hung out with friends - living life and enjoying it.

I seem to have lost my desire to blog. Time and content have just alluded me so my posts are becoming more spread out. Maybe it's the fact that it's summer or maybe this season of my life is over. I am mulling over some ideas regarding Carla's Rumblings and Ruminations and what to do with it, it's just not what it once was for me. 

I know many of you who faithfully read so you can ignore my next request.  For those of you that I have no idea of I would appreciate this: even if you never comment or contact me again I'm asking you to now, just once. Since I'm not sure what is going to happen with this blog I'd like to either thank you if this is the end, or inform you of whatever change(s) I choose to make.  I won't harass you or put you on any mailing list or sell your info or anything.  This is purely personal.  So either comment on this post with a way to contact you, or email me at  Please.  Thank you.

I am sad because this has been my personal space for over four years.  I am appreciative that anyone would even bother to read my drivel!  So whatever conclusion I come to will not be made lightly.