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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Matters

Great-Grandpa - Opa - holding "Little Henry" (Opa is one of the people Sawyer is named for), feeding him ice cream and only letting him go to play with Sierra or when Sawyer had enough and wanted mom.

Great-Grandma - Oma - singing Sawyer to sleep. She still has the touch - 10 younger siblings will give you that!

Great-Uncle Randy getting on the floor and playing toys with Sierra.

Great-Aunt Anita spoiling Sierra as much as her grandmas do with gifts and special treats. Sierra snuggled with her on the couch watching 'Dennis The Menace' movie on afternoon.

Cousin Matt trying his best to befriend Sierra, she didn't run away but still wasn't so sure of him.

Cousin Sabrina getting huge points when she and I took Sierra to the park.

Second Cousins Shayla (almost 5) and Ceili (3) having a hoot with Sierra and were enamored with Sawyer.

Going to a small country church and observing that the bottom two of four rows of mailboxes have the family last name. Every other person was a relative!

We had a fantastic three days in Winnipeg visiting with Trevor's family, some of mine, and some great friends!

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