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Saturday, October 16, 2010

This and That

We finally had out first hard frost last night - fairly late in the year for these parts! It left the ground a lovely sparkling white and was quite pretty.

Much of me is still not really wanting to let go of summer but as Trevor and I started cleaning up our basement this morning I began feeling ready to move on to inside stuff. We are gung-ho to finish up our basement development. Plus there are many other little bits of inside things that have been ignored all summer that desperately need get accomplished.

We had a plentiful tomato harvest this year and will likely be cooking them up into some fresh homemade salsa. Or else if we run out of time because they are very ripe already we will simply dice them and freeze them. I'm hopeful for the first option!

Of and on I read a name blog called Swistle Baby Names and yesterday the person who was up for help had chosen the name "Sawyer" for her expected girl and was wanting middle name suggestions. Her first name choice sure brought a lot of controversy which resulted in several deleted comments due to impoliteness. I personally can't stand boy names for girl names, especially the one used for my boy that I never imagined being a girls name. However, naming one's child is extremely personal and the child becomes their name and grows on people. I'm sure there are many that turn their noses up at my kids' names. When the Morgan, Jordan, Taylor trend arrived that took some adjusting for me. I went to college with a guy named Stacey and that took awhile but eventually he was Stacey and it felt normal too. I know a couple of Morgans and now it doesn't seem so strange. I admit I had rude thoughts when I first read the post but I put myself in check and did my best to respect another person's tastes. Maybe I should feel flattered that she also likes the name Sawyer - not offended that it's for a girl.

Speaking of names - when I was in grade 5 I thought Roberta the most beautiful name in the world and wished it was my name! I am so glad that I didn't get to name myself at the age of 10.

Hockey season started a little over a week ago. My T.V. watching schedule is now preset for me until June.

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