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Monday, July 26, 2010


I got on the scale this afternoon.
BIG mistake.
Why does weight go on so easily and come off so hard?
I blame the heat and water retention.
And maybe the lack of exercise.
Well, okay, probably somewhat the food too, but I haven't even been that bad, really.
It's a frustrating battle.
Maybe it's just the day.
Enough on that.

It is finally hot, gloriously hot, here. I love it. I am actually capable of getting a tan now. Sierra can play in her pool and yard work can get done. Please stay for awhile now summer.

Trevor and I are totally into the TV show Smallville. A co-worker of his owns most of the series on DVD and we've been borrowing them. As good as the show is, it probably wouldn't matter because the characters so easy on the eyes, for both of us. We start season three tonight.

I hate weeds with an absolute passion. In fact, I don't think I hate anything more. They have tried taking over our yard so I've waged a war. I'm slowly winning. Winning is only ever temporary. Sadly, the weeds keep coming back no matter how viciously I attack them. The joys of a new yard with a rather copious amount of dirt patches!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Thoughts

I am so wishing that caffeine did not make baby insufferably grumpy and sleepless during the wee hours of the morning. That extra kick would so improve things this morning. Not that avoiding caffeine seems to be helping the past three nights. Gah!! Sawyer had his immunization shots on Tuesday and it would appear they screwed up his ability to sleep. I felt okay the last two days but this morning I am lumbering around the house like a bear just out of hibernation. Poor Sierra.

We bought Sawyer a Jolly Jumper and once he figured it out he loves it. Bounce, bounce, bounce continually - for nearly the past hour this morning! He is five months old today and it's incredible how much he is changing. I am so much more aware of his accomplishments and changes than I was with Sierra. Must be a second baby thing. Despite his goal to see how little sleep his mom can function on he is still a fabulous baby.

I've been in a post vacation lull this week. Completely unmotivated and a bit down. I'm sure lack of sleep doesn't help.

Trevor and I have been talking about all the things we want to do around our house and yard and the trips we want to take and then we grumble about our insufficient funds. Anyone know where to get a good money tree?

The teaching jobs available around here are next to none thanks to our incompetent provincial government. Trevor and I are planning on him continuing his current job and hoping for a substantial raise. Although it is still five months away my lovely maternity leave will come to an end and we need to make up that money some how and that whole issue is already on my mind. Child care with two kids is that much more challenging and expensive so it's not worth it for us to go that route. I also found it incredibly stressful getting myself and one kid out the door in a timely manner in the mornings, never mind two! Evenings and weekends are an obvious option, which I'll do if necessary but it would be nice for Trevor and I to see each other once in awhile!

I feel totally disconnected with God and my faith because of my laziness. I think I know how to remedy that but the lack of motivation thing really gets in the way! It's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I have some fun things to look forward to this weekend and then an extended camping trip next weekend so I should perk up!

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boot Camp Wrap Up

The chaos and excitement of getting ready for our trip stripped my mind of any thoughts of boot camp during the days before we left. Hence no final results post.
I ended up loosing 2 pounds, and 1 inch each off of my waist and hips. I also felt and still feel really good. All my summer clothes fit fantastically and I was not embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit. That was my main goal and I achieved it.
With it being summer I'm not going to do anything hard core. It's not like I plan on being a glut and inhaling a bucket of ice cream every day, but to be as strict as I believe I need to be for the next 11 pounds to go isn't realistic right now. Maybe in a couple of weeks after our camping trip, maybe in fall - I don't know. My boot camp made me more aware of what I was putting into my body and I am still quite mindful of what I eat and intend on staying as healthy as possible.
I enjoy exercise and will keep that up as well.

My ultimate goal is a food and exercise lifestyle that I can follow consistently. Strict diets may work but do they last? Often not and I'm not interested in that. Extreme exercise is also hard to keep up. Perhaps attaining regular, healthy day to day habits will be all I need and gradually my weight will drop more, maybe I will want to give it a push yet, or else I'll simply be happy with the way I am.
Quite, frankly, I think I look okay.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Holiday

Oh, vacation! Did we really just have glorious 10 days together? The memories say so, the embarrassingly few pictures say so. Reality sets in so quickly upon arriving home! We had a great time and got a real break feeling rested both physically and mentally.
On day 1 we travelled for 11 hours to a lovely little town, in the Okanagan Valley called Summerland. We stayed at this resort and felt like the rich folk all around us (if only it were true!). Trevor's parents met us there and we spent a day and a half swimming in the pool, beaching, and wine tasting and buying. If only I could describe the experience it is to go wine tasting. It's such a romantic, classy activity and the scenery is stunning. We really, really like the wines there and yes, Trevor and I went without the kids.
Friday, after maximizing our time on the beach, we drove to Abbotsford, BC where Trevor grew up, it is just outside of Vancouver. While in the area we spent a good part of the time catching up with friends. It was soooooo nice and didn't feel at all like we'd not seen each other for well over a year. That's the sign of a good friends.
We also took advantage of certain preferences of ours that the West Coast has that our province does not: the fresh cherries and blueberries and raspberries, coming home with 40 pounds of berries. 6 pounds of JJ Bean brand coffee (our fave for years). 4 blocks of Tillamook Cheese bought just over the Canadian/US border (cheese is of assanign prices where we live and not as good) and of course the wine.

Unfortunately the drive home took 17 hours which was 3 hours longer than it should have due to two accident delays. The kids were fantastic and at least we were safe.

Sierra in the car.

Ahhhh! Sun, beach and a book.

Sierra loved the sand, it took work in the water though.

Cool man Sawyer.

Uncle Brian giving Sawyer his first taste of watermelon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thus Far

Travelling for 12 hours on day one went fantastically well. What a relief!
The weather has cooperated for the most part.
My kids have been doing awesome - for kids.
Grandma and Granpa are enjoying their grandkids immensly.
Catching up with old friends has been great.
Trevor and I are finally able to sleep and relax.
Vacations are great!
To be continued.....

Monday, July 5, 2010


On June 9 my girl turned 3 (?"Ffree" to quote Sierra).

What to say about the girl who is one of my greatest sources of enjoyment and yet also the greatest challenge to my patience?
Sierra has two settings: on or off; sleeping or awake. When she's awake she lives life to it's fullest. Sierra very emphatically expresses her desires and if you don't accommodate those wants - look out! She goes about everything she does with zest.
She can deftly put together a 24 piece puzzle. She has fun painting and colouring and it has been neat to watch her learn to stay within the lines. She likes to try and form objects out of Play Doh. She loves to "help" me bake or prepare supper.
She seems to have a natural athletic ability. She can throw and kick a ball impressive distances, she mastered riding a bike in a day, and loves to jump on her trampoline. Swimming is also great fun.
She likes having books read to her - but turns the pages after only one line is read. She can recognize and name about half the letters of the alphabet. She can count to thirteen. She has a phenomenal sense of direction and could probably get herself to most of our regular destinations.

She gives fabulous hugs.

Friday, July 2, 2010

(1/2 )Boot Camp Week 3

The 1/2 is in there because I've not been as good lately.
Let's see, I ate well Monday and Tuesday, not too bad on Wednesday but scarfed down whatever I could get my hands on yesterday (but hey, it was Canada Day). Today my meals were okay but Sierra asked to make sugar cookies and it simply was not possible to eat one...or six or however many ended up in my stomach. I ran on Tuesday and walked a golf course on Wednesday and will run now as soon as Trevor gets out of the shower. That's what half an effort looks like. Can I be really strict the next four days before holidays?