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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Passing Time

I stayed home all day on Tuesday.
It was a cold, grey day and I had no errands to run so hanging out at home seemed like a good idea. I even wore comfy pants all day, did not put on make up and I don't think I brushed my hair. All of those things are highly unusual for me. I puttered around my house all morning and played with my kids. Then Sierra and Sawyer both even gave me the pleasure of some time alone while they napped in the afternoon. And by evening I was going stir crazy.

Wednesday I was out all morning until 1 P.M., Sierra did not nap and yet by the kid's bedtime I was not ready to sell them like I was on Tueday.


So today I went out for the sake of going out.
I brought Trevor coffee, found some stuff to buy at Walmart, had coffee with my mom, and made a quick trip to the mall to exchange something. While all of it was good and ate up a huge chunk of my day, what I really wanted was to be with a friend for a warm cup of coffee and a chat. Last year this was far less of a problem but this year two good friends have gone back to work full-time, and one moved away for the year.

Most weeks during the hubbub I call my days I'm wishing I could just be at home, but this week is different. My second eye injection is tomorrow so perhaps I'm subconsciously affected by that. The weather has also suddenly turned colder and with all the leaves gone and everything turning brown the landscape is rather drabs so that could be contributing to my mood too. Maybe it's just one of those days, everyone has those.

Anyway, Sierra refused to nap and I've managed to successfully push her to play alone for the past hour but that is soon to end. I need to motivate myself to tidy up and vacuum (I can't stand dirty floors!) and maybe clean the bathrooms. Supper would also be a good thing to figure out too! Maybe I'll procrastinate and pick up the phone....

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