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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shane O'Brien

I know you are all asking and insanely curious to know.
He is a hockey player who, until today, played for the Vancouver Canucks, (Trevor's favourite team) and is greatly disliked by Trevor.
"A brainless thug of a player who takes penalties at the most inopportune times because he has no brain!!!" (Trevor)
Every time we watched a game - which was two or three times a week - the incessant complaining and groaning over the brainless acts committed by a certain Shane O'Brien were heard by me.
I put up with them because that is what this wife does when it comes to hockey. Puts up with it or be banished forever. Actually, I quite enjoy it most of the time. The game that is, not Trevor's moaning over the antics of a certain player short of a brain.
Anyway, Mr. O'Brien, was picked up by another team today and there has been much cheering.
Trevor, because, well I think the reason is obvious.
Me, because now I don't have to listen to the wretching and whining!

P.S. I was stuck on what to blog about this evening and asked Trevor - hence a post on Shane O'Brien! Sorry.

1 comment:

Cam and Wendy Earl said...

LOL!! I know who Shane O'Brien is, I was more curious about why you were blogging about it! Im still laughing!!!