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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Love To Go A Wandering....

We finally had a gorgeous summer-like day here. Warm weather has been so sporadic this spring and it's starting to irritate a lot of people. Myself included. I enjoyed a lovely, luxurious sleep-in followed by a delightful morning playing with a cheery Sierra. Trevor went to work for half a day so it was just the two of us, like old times.
This afternoon we frantically cleaned up the house and yard as we had a 4 o'clock showing. The number of views is starting to pick up which is encouraging, we had three the last four days.
In effort to increase the street appeal of our house I plopped Sierra on a blanket on the front lawn. She looked so adorable that I had to snap some pictures and share them with you! While Sierra played I planted a few lively Marigolds in the flower beds. I love planting annuals, it's so quick and easy and they always look so pretty!

This evening I went for a walk with Sierra. I love walks. I love the feel of the warm breeze, I love smelling the fresh air, and I love seeing others enjoy the balmy weather. Walking provides me with exercise, time to contemplate, and they entertain Sierra.
Although I've always enjoyed walks they became my sanity saving activity last summer. I was adjusting to life with Sierra and anyone who knows her will tell you that she is always in need of stimulation. She is rarely content to just sit and amuse herself. She keeps us very busy when she' s awake. Last summer I reached a point where I didn't know what to do with her. Being a new mom and alone all day I would get very frustrated. Sierra would be fussy and nothing would placate her. Then I began to go for long walks with her to pass the time. Sierra generally calmed right down and almost always fell asleep. My anxieties would ebb away with each step and I'd become rejuvenated enough to happily get through the remainder of the day.

On my walk this evening I was enjoying my solitude and wondering what my life would be like if I was single. I really can't imagine that.
My house would likely remain quite clean and tidy the majority of the time. I would be living in a condo or much smaller house. I would likely know how to do a lot more 'typically male' things like changing the oil on my car. I probably wouldn't have traveled nearly as much..or maybe more. I certainly wouldn't know over half of my friends. Would I be lonely? Would I have more hobbies? Where would I be living?

Not that any of that even remotely matters. I was just thinking. Then I went on to think how much I enjoy my life as it is. I truly, deeply and genuinely love my husband and daughter. My families on both sides are made up of great people who I also love. I am part of an awesome church. I have some wonderful friends. I don't hate my job - I actually quite like it! I have a nice house and am journeying to building another. I have had and still have great opportunities to do many fun things.And right now, I am sipping a delicious glass of chilled white wine on warm summery evening!Life is grand!
(Grrrr! I still can't format like I want!)

Friday, May 30, 2008

"Fire!" - Another 'Crazy Man' Story

I've been slacking I know. Being a working woman sure takes a lot of time out of a day!
Anyway, this blog site is causing me issues too which irritates me when I type. I can't make paragraphs or center anything or spell check....(The next day:I've fixed it somewhat now)

Anyway, I got a phone call the other night that still has me laughing. If you recall, Trevor and I have some friends who moved to a small country community in the middle of know-where. Well not quite know-where because we've been able to find it, twice. I recently wrote about some of the quirks of small town living (can't do a link either - oh wait, now I can). These friends of ours were in their dining room when they heard sirens screaming away outside. There are, like, twenty houses, in this town and not much generally happens so sirens are a big deal. They look outside and sure enough, two huge fire trucks with their lights flashing and sirens blaring complete with firemen decked out in full fire-gear have come screeching up to crazy man's house.
Let me interject for a moment, it's been raining heavily here for over a week and everything is completely soggy and hasn't a hope in !#@! of burning. Except....when you light a large fire in a burning barrel. That's what it appears crazy man did. Our friends are not sure why the emergency, even though the fire did look pretty large isn't the point of a burning barrel to contain it? Those heroic firemen got out their big hoses and managed to put out that raging wild fire. Phew! The town was safe!
I was told it was quite a funny scene to watch. These friends have also heard that the fire department is volunteer and they like to practice once or twice a month so maybe that's what this was all about? But a burning barrel fire?
I love small towns!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm Melting!

Tears. Self-pity. A bit of pouting.
That was me last night. I had a bit of a melt down. I'm a woman, women are emotional. We do these things occasionally.
Well, it isn't easy getting used this new routine in our household. I literally stand for eight hours at my new job with only minutes of sitting besides my half-hour lunch break. After work I come home to an adorable little girl starving for my attention for the next few hours. Add to that other home duties (although Trevor has been amazing with domestic tasks) and being away for three (two extended time) weekends out of the past five. Then this recent weekend was way busier than I wanted and voila! - my break down.
It didn't last more than ten minutes. It wasn't hysterical or anything either. It was just little bit of "poor me" and "it isn't supposed to be this way!"
I'm okay now. It really isn't too bad and my body will get used to this. Before I know it I hope to be thinking,
"No, Problem!"

Friday, May 23, 2008

Being The Newbie

After nearly ten years at LensCrafters I knew all there was to know about the place. In fact, I was one of the managers which gave me some authority too. I could pretty perform every task with my eyes closed. Needless to say, it is a foreign thing to not understand every nook and cranny of a business. I find it kind of frustrating because I'm very competent at the job but I'm being hindered by technicalities.
"Angie can you..."
"Tina when you have a sec..."
"Tammi I don't know how to...."
You get the picture.
I feel like I'm annoying everyone by running back and forth and asking about this and that. So, being the gung ho person that I am and wanting to show them that I'm a good worker, I get impatient and just do things. Then I mess up. Then they have to fix it. This probably makes more work than if had I waited and asked, especially if it my error is not caught until much later.
I'm fortunate that everyone is being really great about it all.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beachy Afternoon

These were taken Sunday afternoon at the beach during our little trip. Enjoy!

Grandma and Grandpa

Walking along the pier.

Everybody who passed by Sierra walking with her grandparents had a comment or a smile. One guy was even taking pictures from behind, like this one.

Sierra exploring the feel of sand between her toes....

and the cool ocean lapping over her feet.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekend At The In-Laws

Trevor, Sierra, and I had a lovely extended long weekend visiting Trevor's parents on the B.C. coast. We flew out on Saturday afternoon and Sierra behaved like an angel on the plane. She quite enjoyed chewing on her unopened package of Bits n Bits and reading the in-flight magazine.
Our activities of the included:
1. Saturday night drinks and appetizers with a great long time friend of mine and her boyfriend. I hadn't met this boyfriend and I say he's a keeper. Trevor and I quite like him.
2. A leisurely, Sunday afteroon stroll along the ocean and out onto a pier (along with everyone else in the Lower Mainland!). The sky was blue, the sun shining, and the surf was gently brining the tide in. We ended the afternoon eating ice cream cones on a bench.
3. Sunday evening meal with more great friends. Beer and nachos at a local joint called Lou's. It's neat place with a tavern sort of atmosphere with a blaring juke box and wooden floors and furniture. Rumour has it it is owned by the Hell's Angels.
4. Monday morning breakfast at "De Dutch Pannekoek Haus". They serve awesome gargantuan crepes with yummy filling options.
5. Monday lunch with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We always enjoy visits with them.
6. Tuesday morning shopping for Sierra (my mother in law and me). What could be more fun than buying cute baby things?
7. A few competative games scattered throughout each day.
It was a really nice visit. Sierra played strange with everyone, which was hard for the grandparents, but understandable. Thankfully she was really well behaved as long as we were there. I thought reality would hit me hard this morning with the time change and all but I felt pretty good all day. That proves it was a great weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2008

"Everybody's Working For The Weekend...."

It's Friday.
Then the weekend. In over ten years of work I have never had the luxury of anticipating the end of Fridays knowing I have the weekend off on a regular basis. This is a new concept for me. I had weekends off, sure, but I worked way more than I didn't. As much as business hours have changed in the last decade there is still something about
"the weekend".
Anyway, I have had a good week. I'm tired and ready to give my bombarded mind a break, but I would say that I definitely like my new place of work and the people I work with.
Trevor, Sierra, and I are flying to the coast tomorrow for four days with Trevor's family. His mom is having Sierra withdrawal. After a first week of work and all that went with it, travelling and visiting is the last thing I want to do. Oh well. I'll have a good time and I can't very well even think about denying a grandma the pleasure of a granddaughter as cute and adorable as ours now can I?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I've been tagged by the glass jar. I thought about not doing it because I'm so tired but that's no fun! So here:







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. Write a six word memoir, post it on your blog with a visual if you like.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm A Working Woman!

My feet hurt. My brain hurts. My eyes hurt.

I'm tired.

Ah yes, I must be back at work.


Yesterday I cam home and felt like crying all evening. Today I came home in good spirits.

The Monday crying was mostly out of fatigue. I didn't sleep well Sunday night out of nervousness, that was followed by a long day of new information, so I was completely wiped out. Monday night was way better in the sleep department which translated into a better mood today.


I believe it will be a really good place to work. The four doctors seem really friendly, three men and one woman. They are even rather chatty. All my other new associates have also been very nice (all women). Everyone is helpful and patient with me. The office manager complimented me today on my quick ability to catch on. I remember that I like my occupation.

Then there's the one, token, non-doctor male. John. He's interesting. I was warned about him. John does all the lab work and although we are all crammed into a little room he doesn't look at anyone or speak very much. He mutters away to himself as he cuts lenses and punctuates his mutterings with colourful curses. Today he actually spoke to me a couple of times, out of necessity, and I even got a hint of a smile once.
I miss Sierra horribly. I so wanted to play with her when I came home, which I did, but tiredness made it feel like somewhat of a chore. I know it'll quickly get better as I get used to this new routine.
Overall - so far so good. I might even like it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bitter-Sweet Day

Here's to my first Mother's Day and my last day (for now) as a stay-at-home mom.
It's been a bitter-sweet day and I'm cherishing it's last hours
I am incredibly thankful for Sierra. I love her so much, never dreaming I could love someone like I love her. I feel privileged to have her as my daughter. She has brought many new facets into my life.
As I reflect on this past year I can truly say that I've enjoyed it all. Sure, there were those bad days where I wanted to disappear from existence, but overall it's been a great start to being a mom!
I anticipate the days, months, and years to come.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jobs Jobs Jobs

I got up on Thursday, like I do every day, expecting it to be pretty much like every day. Sierra drank her bottle, we both ate some cereal, we both got dressed, and that particular morning I prepared for a friend to come for coffee.


Then the phone rang.


It was a co-worker from three years ago saying that the optometrists' office she worked for desperately needed me.

I laughed a little in disbelief.

"Okay," I said. What else should I say in response to that?

This person went on to ask me if I was even planning on returned to work.


I also said it was not going to be LensCrafters and explained where I was expected to start on Monday.

"Oh," says my former co-worker.

"But your office can always make me an offer," I went on.

"Sure, I'll talk to the doctors."

I gave her some info as to what Optiks International was providing me and we hung up.

She called back an hour later asking if I could come in and meet with the office manager.

I said "no problem."

What in the world do I make of this?

I laughed a little more in disbelief.

I went to this place, Visual Effects it is called, around two o'clock and chatted with the office manager. They ended up offering me a very good wage plus monthly incentives which added $1.25-$2.50/h.




My mind was reeling.

No benefits or license fees paid for but the wage easily made up for that. No weekends at all for now because of their lack of staff and even when they are staffed it'll be one Saturday in three at most. It's a busy office, so no risk of boredom. The office has a good reputation and when we first moved back here I thought that would be the place to work.

I went home feeling like I was going to throw up. I called Optiks right away and explained the situation. When they learned of the wage offer I got this was the response,


They couldn't increase their offer at all.

It was a no-brainer.


I felt and still feel terrible for Optiks because they did so much to make the right job situation for me. As I thought about it though, they are not hiring me, Carla, they wanted me, the optician. Then I didn't feel quite so bad.

The increase in earnings is pretty much exactly what we need to make up our monthly expenses. (Refer to this previous blog of me freaking out over our finances.)

This is totally, undeniably a God-thing.

I shouldn't be amazed but I am.

I am also extremely thankful and all credit and praise to Him!

I'm still reeling.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Attack of the Killer Bee!

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining and the air was warm. We were in Calgary catching up with some old friends. Not old as in age, I wouldn't want to be insulting, but old as in known each other for a number of years. Trevor and Corey were outside on the deck, Trevor was admiring Corey's handy work with building the deck. Then a large bee starts buzzing around. Trevor is oblivious to it but Corey notices it.
Corey is thinking to himself,

"Maybe I should shoo that creature away...nah, don't want to make it mad."

He does nothing.
The two men are just leaning against the railing, shooting the breeze when wham! The crazy bee decides that it would be good time to commit suicide and sting Trevor on the wrist. Of course it hurt, bee stings do. Trevor comes inside, applies some 'Afterbite' and attempts to get some sympathy from me. He has been stung on numerous occasions and beyond the 'stinging' sensation nothing ever comes of them. Mosquito bites, on the other hand, cause him to grow this enormous welt which he proceeds to scratch until he goes crazy and the bite turns into a bloody mess.
Anyway, we go on with our visit and drive home that evening. No problem.
Trevor gets up Monday morning and goes to work. No problem.
By mid-morning his wrist, hand and arm half-way to his elbow have swollen up. By early Tuesday afternoon the state of his arm and hand had become much worse. Trevor was quite worried. His hand looked like a cartoon character's hand when they blow it up, like a balloon. It actually looked quite funny despite the situation.
Trevor went to the doctor and when the nurse took one look at him they hustled him in within ten minutes. (You know it's serious when...) His doctor, a good-natured, laid-back guy, was immediately concerned. It's not everyday he sees a balloon hand! He quickly diagnosed the likelihood that the stinger stayed inside Trevor and the swelling was the body's reaction to the foreign object. He froze Trevor's hand and cut the sting site open and rooted around in Trevor's wrist with a little claw-like instrument in attempt to extract the stinger. Bee stingers are small so the doc couldn't tell if he was successful or not and it was possible that his body had already absorbed it.
The doctor bandaged Trevor up and sent him on his way. Trevor left armed with a couple of prescriptions and strict instructions to go straight to the hospital if he experienced any sign of a fever because that would indicate blood poisoning!
Blood Poisoning!
That's bad.
It was just a little old bee sting!
Fortunately there was no midnight trip to emerg. and by morning Trevor's hand was almost back to standard size.
Who would've thought?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crazy Men, Behemoth Dogs, and Suicide Slides!

Some good friends of our just moved to a very small town in the country. There are maybe 25 houses in this town and it is a cute little farming community. While driving the 60kms to visit them yesterday Trevor says,
"They really do live in the sticks, except there aren't any sticks!"
This was our first time out there, out of many I'm sure, and here are some interesting initial observations.
Across the road from these friends is a man who is definitely not "all there upstairs", if you know what I mean. The other day, for example, he hauled out and started up his lawn mower. Okay, "boring" you say, people with yards mow their lawn all the time so what's the big deal. Here it is, this man then proceeded to mow two strips of his lawn, cross the gravel street with the mower still running, mow two strips of another lawn, and then do the same to one more neighbour's lawn. Then he turned off the mower and put it away. He was done.
You know you're in a small village when they have what appears to be a community trampoline and a 12 foot high slide that some adults wouldn't dare go down. Can we say "law suit waiting to happen" if this was in the city?
At one point we were staring out their patio doors observing the yard when our friend exclaims,
"Look at that kid driving the truck!"
Sure enough, a boy, no more than 8 years old, was driving an old truck that had to be a stick shift. He wasn't just releasing the gas and allowing it to idle forward a little while sitting in a parent's lap or anything. He was alone and backing it up to a wood cutter. I can't back up as well as he did and I've been driving for 15 years!
He attempted to start the wood cutter, but was unsuccessful (doesn't everyone allow their 8 year-olds operate wood cutters?). It apeared that his job was to cut some wood and load up the truck. So he got back in the truck, shifted into gear, and very capably drove around and into the farm yard a little ways away. He soon returned and we could just imagine his father saying,
"You get back out there and get that thing started, just give it a little muscle!"
The last unique aspect that I'll tell you about was that with the house came a dog. Not just any dog, but an enormous white sheep dog of sorts. She could easily pass for a small horse, I imagine children had great fun riding her at one time. She apparently grew up at their house and is fed and cared for by some poeple up the street, but she basically resides at her original home under the front porch. She is old and docile and friendly and apparently keeps the coyotes at bay.
Where else would all this be accepted as non-chalantly as our friends did than in a quaint little in-the-middle-of-nowhere farming community?
It looks like it'll be fun place for them to live and for us to visit.

Monday, May 5, 2008

"She Likes To Move It, Move It!"

I knew this day would come. I was sort of looking forward to it but on the other hand I didn't really mind the current state of affairs.
It was simple.
Now it will never be the same around here again.
Last night, I set Sierra down in the middle of the living room with some toys and went to waste a few minutes on the computer while Trevor fetched some us gooey, fat-laden pizza and a mind capturing movie. I wasn't perusing long when I heard the clink of a video tape and DVD's. (Yes we still have both, don't laugh). I went upstairs and Sierra was not anywhere near where I put her!
All right, who moved her? The cat? A ghost?
Had Trevor secretly relocated her before leaving?
No, he never allows her by the TV.
Was I loosing my mind and didn't actually put her in the middle of the room as I thought?
Nope. None of the above.
Just like that she figured out that she could scoot her way around. No, not crawl, that would be too easy, scoot. She tucks one foot in, with the other one sticking out and pushes her way forward. It looks hysterically awkward and seems to require a lot of effort on her part, but works. Sierra was already achieving pretty good milage with this new mode of transportation too.
I sighed and looked around my house with thoughts of cupboard latches, plug covers, closing doors to certain rooms, and trying to discern what could harm her.
Nothing below 2 1/2 feet is safe anymore.
Trevor immediately trudged downstairs and hauled up the baby gates we purchased eons ago. We figured all it would take is our back turned briefly to have a baby at the bottom of the stairs.
These particular gates have a thick white, plastic border with clear pastic "windows" in the middle. As Trevor was fiddling with one of them at the top of the stairs our cat chose to come racing up. Obviously he mistook the "window" for an opening and proceded to ram himself into it full force. Trevor said the cat's head stopped and the rest of him crumpled into a little ball. Trevor laughed very hard for a very long time.
I believe he is still laughing.
The cat turned around and raced back down the stairs to wallow in his embarassement.
He's fine.
I was in kitchen preparing a bottle for Sierra at that moment, so I disappointedly missed the whole thing!