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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


After out usual rainy June July dawned nice and sunny and hot this Canada Day long weekend. Although June had to get in one last shower Saturday night to mess things up for us!  Rain and the mud that accompanies it has been hindering yard work greatly.  The back corner of our lot by the trampoline is a low spot and a mud bog.  It takes weeks to dry and was almost there on Saturday and we were anticipating getting it cleaned up on Monday aaaaaannnnddddd - it rained.

Trevor defied the mud and fixed it up anyway. He put 4x6 pressure treated beams along the fence and then filled the area in with the gravel pile that sat where the pool now sits.

 That 8' pool is Sierra's gift from my parents for her birthday and it even has a little filter pump.  It will be great.  Despite the frigid temperature of the water right after we filled it Sierra jumped in and splashed around with glee for a bit.  Sawyer was forced in a little by me and I'm pretty sure if he could speak better he would have cursed me!

I spend four hours (!) weeding my garden on Saturday and making it look nice.  Then I had a sunburn.  
Yeah, it was complete stupidity on my part and I'm a bit tender but not too bad. 



Then on Monday I weeded the back section of dirt along the fence.  I didn't hoe the dirt to make it look as pretty as the garden or my back would never have forgiven me.  I wore sunscreen and did not further the sunburn.
I hate weeds and weeding.

 I also attacked this old church pew with wood filler.  Doesn't it look pretty?
 I had plans of sanding the excess wood filler off on Monday and painting it this lovely green that Trevor selected.  But since I never get as much done as I plan it still looks like the picture below.  This pew is from our former beloved church in Calgary where Trevor was a youth pastor for five years.  Sadly it got left outside to be beaten by the elements (I did cover it in plastic but that didn't hold in our ferocious winds) but I'm bringer it back to life!  It will go in our lower patio which is this close to being done (Trevor has been diligently plugging away at this particular project) and will almost look as good as a Pintrist pin!  
Pics to follow in five years when we actually complete it.

We also pulled our tent trailer out from its storage spot beside our house and worked on packing it up for a camping trip this weekend.  It was in doing this that I realized it's been a long time since we camped on our own.  We only own three camping plates and no bowls or pots so it's off to the thrift store Tuesday.

We wound our weekend up with my parents and sister and a lovely glass of ice cold (because I forgot it in the freezer for two hours!) of traminer-riesling.

This is raining.  Off to run errands!