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Sunday, October 17, 2010


"Mommy, come close my toes!" (cover her with her blanky)
"Close your own toes!"
"I can't!!!"

"Mommy, I need another big hug!"
"You've already had 143 hugs, you don't need another one."

"Mommy, sing me another song."
"Daddy, already sang all your bedtime songs."
"I need one more."

"Mommy, I'm hungry."
"You've had pancakes, a muffin, and grapes - none of which you finished, no more."
"I'm still hungry!!"
"You can wait until breakfast."

"Mommy, come blow my nose."
"Blow your own nose!"
"I can't!"
"Yes you can!"
"No I can't."

Sobbing from bedroom.

I finally relent. I sigh and stomp to her room.
I blow her nose and close her toes and give her one more big hug.
"I love you Sierra."
"I love you too Mommy."


Ahhh, sleeping.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Oh gosh Carla, that's funny! I got such a good laugh out of Sierra's little excuses. That's too cute though - enjoy these "frustrating" moments because soon you'll be wishing she was hollering for you from her bedroom rather than wondering what time she'll be home from her date :-)