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Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Food

This past summer we planted a large vegetable garden and a major part of our harvest was carrots. We do not have a cold room so they are being stored at my parents' house. At this time of year the carrots are starting to sprout and wilt and need to be used. A large bag of them was taking up too much space in my fridge and this evening while supper was cooking I had the grand idea of peeling them and making them into baby food. Many of the carrots were small so peeling ended up being a bigger chore than I anticipated. I only chopped up a small pot full thinking I'd start with that and see how it went. After they were boiled I mashed them(carrots don't mash very well) and then I pureed in the blender (which didn't go so easily either) and ended up with 1 cup of baby worthy carrots and a big mess. I decided that paying $0.44 a jar for pre-made baby food from Superstore is more than worth it for me!


Trevor and I are now officially the proud owners of a lovely section of dirt in Coaldale. Our deadline to say yes or know for sure was actually this Saturday but someone else put an offer on the lot this past week so we had to seal the deal a tad early. That was okay because we had decided to go ahead with it anyway. Now I can get excited about building this house, becuause it is happening! Our gorgeous west-side abode is now for sale - anyone interested?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


On Saturday I was visiting with my mom and we were discussing my new money making opportunity. I was like "augh, what did I get myself into!" It really is the craziest concept that defies our logic and up-bringing. Doubt naturally creeps in rather quickly with these kinds of things. My friend, who is making oodles of money at it already, helped me with another meeting last night and the more I hear the more it makes sense. It is totally legitimate and it's one of those things that's in the early stages in Canada so it has huge potential. Like anything it's certainly not for everyone but anyone can do it.
It's a very difficult thing for me to mention to people because initially it is something presented to people one knows. When I sold glasses I was way less self conscious selling to strangers than people I knew and this feels similar in that way. Maybe I'm too concerned about what people will think. Yet I don't want people to see me as "out to get them" so I am trying to be cautious. Anyway, that's where I'm at with this thing for now. Feel free to offer your opinion or advice and if anyone wants to really see what I'm doing, let me now. It is a completely no pressure/obligation presentation, information only and if you like what you see great, if not that's fine too. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pink running shoes.

AtThis fall, November or so, Trevor noticed that the bottoms of my running shoes had worn completely smooth. He expressed concern at finding me in a heap at the back of the treadmill one day and I should go and buy myslef a new pair. Good running shoes are rather expensive so I put them on my Christmas list thinking that is what I would do with any money received. I would wait for the fabulous post-Christmas sales and replace my worn out shoes. Surprise of all surprises I actually got running shoes as a gift from my parents - white and pink Nikes. I would probably never have picked out anything like that, simply because I've avoided pink my whole life. I love them, they are so girly! The first time I wore them for 45minutes and not a sore spot to be felt.

For a long time now I have wanted a cute work-out outfit. Yet the thought of spending $100 on a pair of pants and another $50 on a shirt just to sweat in didn't seem very practical. Well this past Saturday I spent my Christmas money on a great new Addidas outfit that matches my shoes. It was not nearly as expensive as above mentioned. I figured Christmas money is for stuff you may not normally buy. Now I have a great outfit for when I am by myself while I sweat! I feel good in the outfit anyway, exercise is definitely easier to do knowing there's a great outfit to be worn. (Ha - not really)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Out on the town

You know you're a stay-at-home mom when:
1. You go to the mall to hang out with the people you used to work with, not to shop
2. Date night is a trip to Toys R Us, Superstore, and Walmart and eating at McDonald's, baby included on that trip.
3. It's more fun buying baby clothes than your own.
Ha, it's all good. I'm feeling happy again, no more moping. I also have a clean house and that always helps me to feel like I've accomplished something.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Trevor got this wicked flu Sunday night and it pretty much laid him out for two days. I spent Monday at my parent's to avoid contact in hopes of not getting it myself. I wasn't too worried because I don't normally get the flu. No such luck, Tuesday night I got it. Not the violent version Trevor had but I was very glad Trevor only worked Wednesday afternoon because I had so little energy - lifting Sierra was a huge effort and I was shivering constantly. I'm feeling more human this morning and the fever seems to have passed. I still feel a bit weak but I'll be fine with Sierra today. It was so annoying to get because I have so much to do! My mom now has what we had, it must be really contagious because she's not susceptible to the flu either. Sierra is not sick and neither is my dad so far, but they also got the flu shot. Hmmmm.
I'm also moping these days because some good friends of ours are moving to Manitoba by March. It hit me that we don't have that many friends and I'm feeling kinda lonely. Maybe this is also due to my not working for so long which means way less adult interaction (no, I don't want to go back) or because we got to reconnect with some great friends over Christmas and I miss them. I don't know but it sucks. It will improve, Trevor and I will just have to put forth some effort at getting to know some new people. Not my fav thing to do but it must be done or we'll become hermits!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Last night we spent almost two hours finalizing details for our house plans. Fortunately Trevor and I have very similar tastes and make decisions quite quickly. The more we do with this house project the more I want it to work. We are extremely hopeful at this point. Our design is a three bedroom bungalow with an ensuite and walk-in closet in the master bedroom. The kitchen, eating area and living room are all open to one another. We are going to have ten foot ceilings and a gas fireplace. The basement will be a walk-out and has future plans of two more bedrooms, bathroom and large rec area with a bar/mini-kitchen.
Now we are on a mad rush to make our current house in 'for sale' condition and then get prices for the new one. 2008 is off to a roaring start!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Opportunity Knocks

I was introducted to a company called FHTM just before Christmas and I signed up to be a rep. Everything sounds promising but the unknown always leaves one with a wierd feeling. This company is not something I can explain without it sounding hokey; seeing a presentation about it is a must to understand what it's about.
It came about exactly when Trevor was once again disappointed about a possible job opportunity and I'm starting to worry about our financial position. At this point we are thinking that unless Trevor gets a contract it is in our best financial interest for me to go back to work full time for the summer. He won't be able to teach and no summer job will pay as well as my job. Although I hate the idea of going back to LensCrafters full time it wouldn't be so bad for just a few months. The problem is after summer, each of our incomes on their own is not enough for us to live on. My income used to be sufficient, barely, but since then we've added a vehicle payment and student loan payment...and a baby!
Then this business opportunity came up and I have to believe that the timing is no coincidence. It was founded by a Christian man and has very reputable ratings. If I work steadily at it it should prove to be a worthwhile financial investment. I have to be excited by it and go for it because a) I like the sounds of it and b) I don't like my other options.