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Friday, November 30, 2007

Dreaming of dreaming

It's just after nine all I want to do is hibernate in my bed and sleep. It's cold and snowy and I've had a couple of busy days. Also, last night at 11:45 something woke Sierra up and for the first time in ages I had to go and comfort her back to sleep. So a lazy morning would be heavenly. But Sierra woke up at 7:30 dispite her midnight cry. I managed to ignore her demands until 8 when she was starting to get mad. We both hung out in bed until 8:30. I then resigned myself to the fact that Sierra was not going back to sleep so we got up for good. Sigh. About half the time she does sleep until 8 ot 8:30 so I really shouldn't complain but it's one of those days. Sierra is laying on the floor and has pulled her socks off and is once again bored of her activity. I guess I should go - we dont' call her "the small boss" for nothing.!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To be or not to be........

This house thing, here's the status: Yesterday we put a conditional deposit on the lot we like. We have until Feb. 1 to pay the balance. Meanwhile, the developer still has the right to leave it on the market but if there is another offer we get first dibs with 24-48 hours to pay up or we loose out. I'm good with that. No way were we buying the lot out-right without really knowing how much the house will cost to build. We think that we'll be able to do it within budget. The next step is getting some proper plans drawn out and then price everything out. It is going to by bus-y!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Brain Pain

Augggg! What are we getting into with this house thing? We just spent five hours searching for plans, modifiying plans, arguing over plans....and we still haven't to come to a conclusion. I thought this would be the fun part but I'm starting to get annoyed. Actually I think we've found one that we like and could adapt with only minor changes. But seriously, this is only a drop on the surface of all the decisions that will have to be made, I'm going to be exhausted! I'm not really complaining though, I realize I am extremely fortunate to be in this situation and once we really get going there will be fun amidst the work.
We got a very generous financial gift from Trevor's parents yesterday which will help us in this endeavor. More and more doors keep opening for us to do this. Quite frankly I'm a little stunned and I don't think it's quite sunk in. Then again, it has only been a week since we first realized this was even a possibility.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Feeling Good

For the first night in a long time I had a great sleep. Lately I've been tossing and turning with restless muscles but last night I managed to sleep straight through. Then Sierra allowed me to sleep in until 8:30. The sun in shinging and we are both in great moods this morning. Therefore we are going out to enjoy the morning. I'm just feeling good!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This house idea is totally consuming my thoughts! I was dreaming about designs all night - and this was only an idea last Saturday! Crazy - yes, especially considering where we are in life. But here's the thing, if we do this right we would not have to increase our mortgage beyond what it currently is. This is because the value of our house and the cost to build new is the same. Why you may ask?
1. Coaldale has cheaper lots.
2. They allow you to contract yourselves
3. We know people to do the electrical (my dad), plumbing (cousin) heating and duct (uncle) and those people know other people to do the rest.
4. We would do as much ourselves as possible - painting, trim, and whatever else we feel we are able to do.
Yeah I know, Trevor doesn't have a permanent job and we may end up moving. Moving is a last resort so I'm not counting on that. If it does happen - then we sell the house and make money on it. I've been waiting for over nine years to feel settled, without 'moving' in the back of my mind. This would be a step in that direction. We knew from day one that our house now wouldn't be the one we would raise our family in. The factors are as good as they will ever get to build, and we really haven't too much to loose. Now, just so you know, nothing has been done or decided yet. We are simply researching.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Two days in a row - I'm off to a good start.
Yesterday we went at looked at lots in a new housing developement in Coaldale called Cottonwood. It has some really good size, walk out lots with green space behind them, and considering all that they are very resonably priced. We would build a house by self-contracting and doing what work we could on our own in order to save money. That way we could just about do an even swap with the house we own now. Problem: paying for the new house while living in the old one. Move in with my parents? Hmmmm, we'd have to think about that. We just went to look and see if it was even remotely within reach, and now I'm dreaming.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Beginning

So I finally have gotten around to opening up my own blog. Here's a glimpse of my mind's musings, enjoy!

Lately I've been rather discontented. I'm tired of my hair, my clothes, the way my house is decorated, my house itself, the idea of going back to work, and the list goes on. I want to change
everything. The problem is, I'm not really sure how I'd change things. I was explaining this unsatisfation to my mom and she said that it is likely because I thrive on accomplishment. I feel bad when I'm unproductive. Most of my week days are uneventful because I'm caring for Sierra. She only naps for an hour or so at a time and needs constant attention when she's awake. I love her to bits and enjoy playing with but I feel like I should be keeping the house clean, laundry up to date, groceries stocked, and make supper every day. Trevor has never made me feel bad for my lack of productivity or even said that he expects these things. In a way I think that it's only fair since he is the one earning a living.
Then I sit back and really look at all I have and do and I don't feel so bad.