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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Things that irk me:
(I'm in a bad mood or anything, this is just something to blog about)

1.  When I ask a question at work about a certain procedure and the person answering me begins by stating that he/she is frustrated with having to explain it yet again.  For the record it was a follow up question from last week and if I had done said procedure incorrectly than the books would be screwed.

2. Having only two weeks of holidays per year.

3.  Not getting sick pay, or paid personal days, or medical days or basically any days paid that aren't vacation.  If we're not there we don't get paid.  Period.

4. Crumbs in my kitchen drawers.

5.  Dirty socks laying around (although this situation has improved lately)

6. Sawyer cramming who-knows-how-many DVD's into the DVD player and now all it does it make a horrid clicking noise and the DVD's don't eject.

7.  Wind.  We get insane amounts of wind in the winters that blow insanely strong.

8.Waking up before I have to.

9.  Feeling like I don't know what I'm doing at my job despite 13 years experience because we switched computer systems and our lens supplier.

10.  Loosing both sets of van keys.

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