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Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Man Wrecking Crew

Starting in the ensuite off of our master bedroom.  I see a pair of my glasses lying upside down on the floor.  Upon opening the bottom drawer I observe that every single spectacle case has been opened and the glasses they supposedly were protecting are now in a heap in the drawer.

Into the bedroom I see that one dresser cupboard door has been opened and whatever articles of clothing that were once neatly folded and stacked are now scattered on the floor.  A little stool stands next to the dresser and my jewellery box drawer is open and necklaces now prettily adorn the top of the dresser.  Trevor's alarm clock radio had been turned on and both night table drawers are open and who-knows-what is missing from them.  There was a time when there would also inevitably be used Kleenex littering the floor around an empty garbage can, but that fascination seems to have waned.  But if a Kleenex box is left within reach.....

Now I go into our walk-in closet and shoes are no longer on the shoe rack and my shirts have been yanked off their hangers. Back into the bedroom the return-air vent has been ripped from the wall.

Sierra long ago learned to keep the door to her private domain and the main bathroom constantly closed so those rooms are relatively in tact.  

The second bedroom often has books and clean diapers scattered haphazardly on the floor.  The diaper pail lids are also off and a lovely smell permeates the room.  (I use cloth at home)  Occasionally there is a sopping wet spot on the carpet near the change table and the water container used for wiping is now empty.

Continuing down the hall one might trip over a large plastic truck or step on a Mrs. Potato Head piece and as I enter the main living area toys can be seen tossed here and there. In the kitchen there are plastic containers EVERYWHERE and two empty drawers.  All of Sierra's colouring and sticker books are under the kitchen table and not in their comfy basket.

Going downstairs now.  Watch that you don't trip on the hazards laying on the steps and observe the pile of 'things' at the bottom.  Every so often our poor cat has no food or water in his bowl, but the floor is not thirsty or hungry.  One day fresh cat litter had been flung as though it were confetti.  The $400 surround sound system with DVD player, IPOD dock and radio is now useless because numerous DVD's were fed into it and the system jammed and broken and the IPOD dock was snapped off.  The cat also gets to watch TV a lot.

The novels in the office do NOT belong on the shelves and if the laundry/cold room door is open Mason jars make a fantastic crash when thrown onto the concrete floor.

Pool balls roll great on the laminate floor and DVD's are so pretty and shiny and fun to take of their cases. (hence the broken media system)

If it can be ripped, emptied, opened, or thrown it's been done.

It's a real good thing he's so cute!!!

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