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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Embracing the Craziness

My day started at 6 A.M. today. 
Sierra awoke at that hour and decided it was time to get up - despite the fact that she knows full well she is to stay in her room until 7 A.M. 
"But my clock is taking too long!!" Was the response to our objections to the hour of her consciousness. I did manage to convince her to go back to bed and by 6:30 I snuggled into my warm bed for what I hoped was another 45 minutes of sleep.

Came from the other room now.
I tried rocking Sawyer back to sleep but failed.  So I took him back to our bed where he quietly lay and squirmed for another half-an-hour before Sierra once again awoke.  The next hour was complete mayem as breakfast took place and I was actually glad to escape to my job.  

I had a busy day at work, a rehearsal at church immediately after and when I arrived home it was as if I never left.   Chaos and noisy, demanding children dominated every aspect of my senses - and I only have two kids!
The scene was one with food and toys and bowls tossed every which way, sibblings squabbling,  tantrums thrown, time-outs given, and much yelling and screaming - all by the children.  (Trevor and I managed to contain our responses mostly to eye rolling and sighs - yes, really!)
Then bedtime and.....



But I wouldn't have it any other way with my kids because they are healthy and normal.

 My heart is heavy this evening. 
Some good friends of ours' six month old baby is currently being closely monitored in the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary with low blood pressure and a low heart rate.  The baby was recently diagnosed with a medical condition and we think this is a reaction to the medication, but that is pure speculation.  We know that that this baby is not well and we are praying fervently.   If you pray, please pray along with us.

I hugged my kids a little harder this evening despite their wiggling and yelling.

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