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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Butter Story

So I get home from work today and see a popcorn container sitting on the stove and Trevor informs me that Sawyer already put out his request for bed-time snack.  
Sierra chimes in "I want some too!"
I say that's going to be a bit hard since we're totally out of butter or anything that resembles it.(we always pop our own in the microwave and add butter and salt)
Sierra turns on the water works and the flood comes a gushing.  There's also wailing and more wailing and when I suggest Bits n Bites as an alternative the wailing and the water intensifies.  Because I'm tired after working all day and I have a headache I say we'll find some butter so there can be popcorn later.  We live a small town, the store is not far.
Later comes so Sierra and I go to our local grocery store.
Yay, the large tub of margarine is on a super sale.
I get to the till to pay wallet in my purse.
Mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble.

I go to my parents house, they are on the way home and by now the kids' bedtime is near and to go home for my wallet and go back to the store would take too much time.
My dad offers me a package of microwave popcorn.
Great!  Sierra likes this version too and it's easier.
I get in the van and explain our good fortune.

There is much whining.

I go back in and get butter.
I drive home.
On the way Sierra says to me, "Mommy, if you can't find your wallet that's okay, I can just eat Bits n Bites."

There was popcorn for a night snack 

With lots of butter.

The End.


Karen said...

That totally cracked me up Carla! Trust a kid to totally turn your day upside down and then do exactly what you wanted in the end - thanks for the laugh! I'm sure it wasn't funny for you nor Sierra, but for those of us reading it, it's quite amusing. Glad Sierra was finally happy and you guys got your popcorn anyway :-)

Carla said...

I did laugh - after nearly crying!