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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As Halloween is fast approaching and it is, naturally, on my mind.
I've never been much into Halloween.  
As a kid I didn't mind dressing up but I did it mostly because my friends got into it and I didn't want to be a loser.  Of course I loved the copious amounts of free candy but I was quite shy and going up to strange people's houses was very hard for me.  My mom and dad never made a big deal about the day but we still handed out candy and did the token decorating ( with items made by  my sister and me) and pumpkin carving.  Our church held an annual "Pumpkin Patch Party" that we also went to for a non-scarey, fun atmosphere.

After I "grew up" and left home Trevor and I spent many Halloweens hiding in our basement suite/house with the lights off.  We disagree with the spooky, scarey, gory aspects that the day can represent and being Christians, any reference to demons or Satan is not cool.
  Now that we have kids, one in particular who knows what this day is about, we have been forced to participate somewhat and scrutinize what the day means to us and how to approach it.  We have some friends who don't involve their kids (ages 6,5, & 2) at all in trick-or-treating but still hand out candy, and some friends who are taking their kids swimming instead. (6months and 2 so not quite at the age of knowing what goes on)  Then their are others we know who go all out with Halloween.  I respect each for their decisions.

We first took Sierra trick-or-treating when she was 2 yrs 4 months and once she figured out what was going on, she absolutely loved it. 
"I knock on a door, say trick-or-treat and I get free candy!!!!" went her little mind.  

Last year she, at age 3, she got into the dressing up part and the receiving of free candy took on even more importance.  To her credit she also enjoyed giving out candy.
This year, at age 4, she has talked about it for over a month, thought out her costume, anticipates pumpkin carving and is getting into having fun with it.
   We have chosen to get involved in the positive aspects of Halloween and make the scarey parts insignificant.  We love doing activities with out kids, we love seeing the glee and excitement on Sierra's face when she's doing something she enjoys - trick-or-treating being one of them.  Sierra certainly recognizes that spooky is associated with Halloween and although we don't deny it we don't really talk about it.  When she's ready we'll explain why we don't like that side of the day or ever "go all out" with it but for now, as far as she is concerned, it will be a day to dress up and get a sugar supply large enough to keep her bouncing for weeks!
(we'll be regulating that part too)

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