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Monday, October 3, 2011

3 - Our Wieners.

It's late, I worked all day, went for a walk with my kids and husband, then walked again with my mom and now I'm tired and my creative juices are a little like molasses right now.

So I told you a bit of completely random and useless facts about me, how about my kids? Or as Trevor and I affectionately call them, our wieners.
Sierra is four, can't seem to do anything  by herself (nor allow me to do do anything alone) beyond sleeping because she's likely to keel over with sudden and intense loneliness  She has a ratty old bunny that goes EVERYWHERE with her and a blanket that shows just as much love but doesn't quite go everywhere.  She's Mommy's girl by far.  Her name was chosen in a round about way after GMC Sierra trucks.

Sawyer, nineteen months, will wander off and play alone all the time.  If it's too quiet I definitely have reason to be concerned.  He loves to chuck toys, sippy cups, toy strollers, shoes - ANYTHING - down the stairs and then look at me with a super concerned look on his face and say "Uh Oh!" His blanket is his "thing", no stuffed toy yet.  He is mommy's boy but leaning a little more to his dad lately.  His name was chosen out of a baby name book but when we used to watch the show Lost we did comment on the name (one of the characters was named Sawyer) and that we liked it.

Stay tuned for pictures - one of these days, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Sawyer is my maiden name. I always thought it would make a good first name! But I have never once heard it used so, so thrilled to hear it here!

Julie Sawyer Helms

Karen said...

Thanks Carla, I enjoyed reading this post. Wieners huh? Never heard of that one - definitely is unique.
By the way - how do you sign up for this NaBloWriMo thingy?

Carolyn said...

Isn't it amazing how different kids can be? I learned pretty quick that the first is not necessarily adequate preparation for the second. :)

Enjoyed your post!