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Sunday, October 2, 2011

2/31 - Odds and Sods About Moi!

1. When I was in high school I wanted to marry a cowboy/farmer.  I ended up marrying a city boy, who grew up on an acreage near Vancouver, but a city boy none-the-less.  He thinks cowboys are ridiculous and that country music is a scourge to the industry!  I love him anyway and can't imagine being married to a cowboy/farmer now.

2. I believe that my birthday needs to be celebrated for at least a week every year.  I usually succeed and it's great!  This year happened to be a rare failure in that area.

3.  I think it's normal to have 17 pairs of glasses. (I know, I know, a benefit/hazard of my occupation)

4. Pickles and popcorn rock!   But not together or even at the same time.

5. I can still do a flip on the trampoline.

6.My heritage is as Mennonite and German as one can get yet I don't speak German or attend a Mennonite church anymore (not because I no longer believe the faith but because I thrive more under a different style of worship than the local Mennonite churches offer).  
I do still have regular affairs with their food though!

7. I enjoy "train wreck" TV shows, as Trevor has termed them, such as "Sister Wives" and "19 Kids and Counting."

8. My husband is a hockey fanatic.  I enjoy it once a week, not the three or four times per week his team plays.  I usually join in his excitement of the season starting, not this year.

9. I can't stand football.

10. I only have complete vision in one eye, and even that eye only sees well with correction.


Carolyn said...

Enjoyed getting to know you a bit, Carla!

Best wishes with NaBloWriMo, which sent me here to meet you. :)

Jan Morrison said...

This is a fun list - I also wanted to marry a cowboy. No, that is a lie. I wanted to be a cowboy.
Jan Morrison

Raige Creations said...

Nice to "meet you".
I love you list - a great prompt if you ask me, maybe you should suggest it on NaBloWriMo....

Anonymous said...

"Not this year"!!!!!!! It's going to be a long winter.