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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5 - The Little Things.

I was going to quickly type a post for yesterday and totally lie and say that "somehow" it didn't post even though I swear I hit the "publish" button, but I then I thought, "why?"
The truth of the matter is, I completely forgot.
You may get a double whammy today - you may not!
Last night our church "care group" (a group of five couples who meet weekly to study the Bible) met and we challenged each other to 'find God' in the mundane, in the little things.   I confessed last night that despite what I've always believed to be a strong faith I haven't been giving God much though lately.  
(No, I'm not going to preach to you or anything but my faith is very real to me and I write about it from time to time.)

Since my mind is refocusing on God/the positive here are a couple of things I've already come up with:

Yesterday I horsed around with both my kids on our bed.  They love being tossed into the pillows and we had about fifteen minutes of pure fun.  At one point Sierra says to be "You are the most specialist Mommy ever!" My heart melted.  I am blessed to have two fantastic, healthy kids who I can play with.

I have gorgeous pink flowers blooming on a plant of mine - despite the fact that it is often forgotten and only gets water when the leaves are droopy!

I love the sunrise, and although the fact that I get to see it every morning means the days are getting shorter and winter is on its way I'm still enjoying its splendor.   The colours I get to peer at through bleary, sleep encrusted eyes while my two kids are hollering for TV, milk, breakfast etc really are quite lovely.  I'm sure God made sunrises beautiful because He knew mornings would be hard for many of us and that we needed something to cheer us first thing!  Not that I take the time to notice every day get the point.

I'm curious to see how looking for the small blessings will impact my general attitude.  Simply thinking about it last night had my attitude doing a 180.

1 comment:

laughingfridge said...

Lovely post! I think I will follow your lead and pay more attention to those little things that God gives to us :)