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Thursday, October 6, 2011

VI: Presenting.....

Pictures of my Wieners all dressed up!  

This is quite a change from the usual food and snot smeared Sawyer and the messy-haired Sierra who would wear PJ's 24/7 if I let her.

My little princess as: The Flower Girl.

The ivory dress is vintage from the later 1980's worn by my cousin (sister to the groom) when she was four.  Sierra's silky blond tresses were painstakingly curled by me while she was mesmerized by the TV.  She is also wearing a touch of Sweet Nectar lipstick.  (The tank top underneath, the leggings, socks and shoes aren't anything special but represent a part of Sierra's idiosyncrasies and they kept her warmer in the cool outdoor air.)

Here's a full view of the dress. 

Handsome little dude but that mischievous twinkle of trouble can't be masked no matter what he's dressed in!  Ironically, his little suit matched the groomsmen outfits to a T and Sawyer was not a member of the wedding party!  It was a complete fluke.

Ain't that a good-looking fam?

Mommy and her girl.


Anonymous said...

When our one-time mayor, Harry DeJong, bought a farm in the Mt. Lehman area (his boy played on the same soccer team as Trevor) I asked him what he planned to raise. He replied wieners. I had to ask for enlightenment. You know - weaners - calves that have been weaned. I think you should raise weenerds. - Alvin

Judie said...

Ah, so beautiful!