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Sunday, October 30, 2011


I love buying clothes for my kids.  It's pretty obvious by the amount of clothing they have. 
Then again, I also love buying clothes for myself and my closet is far from empty.

I rather dislike doing laundry and only really have to once every two weeks or so.  Sawyer rarely makes it to the end of the day with his shirt still clean, sometimes two shirts a day is necessary.  Sierra is successful in keeping her clothes clean all day about half the time - then again, there are days when she goes through three outfits a day!  (she is such a girl)  My point is that they have enough clothes to allow me that two week allowance on doing laundry.

It helps that both of my  kids are small and can wear their clothes for quite awhile so although they may have many items I don't shop for them often.  I also never buy anything that is not on sale, and it has to be a super good sale.  It is not common for me to pay more than $5 or $6 for an item.  I also try and carry over clothes from summer to winter by layering T-shirts over long-sleeved shirts in order to prolong their wearing lifespans or adding leggings to skirts.

I could do laundry more frequently.... 
I figure this way when I get to the point where laundry is a must I have enough dirty clothes to make it worth my effort.  I have front load machines and can cram an awefully large load in at once.   Laundry less often uses less soap and less water and therefore balances out the cost of the clothes.


Works for me!

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