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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear God...

My prayer process last night went like this:

Dear God,

Please make tomorrow a better day. Make Sierra eat and sleep better and not be a small bear. Make Trevor not snap at me when what I say doesn't come out right. Make me feel happier...Wait a minute, I know you can change others but the problem is really me so I should focus on myself instead.

Okay. Help me have a better outlook on tomorrow. Help me to have patience with Sierra and enjoy her. Please help me not to say dumb things that prompt unpleasant responses. Help me....

Stop. That's right either, too many "help me"s. I need to look directly to the source of my life and soul, then change can happen.

God, I want to simply focus on you tomorrow. I know that my entire view on life will then change. Any adversity I face will seem different, bearable. With my focus on you I will become an ever-so-tiny bit more like you which will enable me to handle things in a way honouring to you.

Really , my life on Earth is not about me at all.

It's all about you.


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