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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little Trooper!

Sierra, once again, has been plagued. The unfortunate girl has suffered a horribly runny nose, a nasty seal cough, a fever, and at least one more tooth forcing it's way out! I'm incredibly glad I don't remember being a baby. I won't forget this part about being a mom though.

Anyway, I've had a week. No elaboration necessary. Here are some more fun pictures of my good little sport:

"C'mon Granny, I'm ready, serve it up."

Mmm, that was tasty.

"Look, I'm walking all by myself!"

I just like these two pictures.

Did I mention that I've joined the camera club and boughten a new camera? That's why all the picture postings. Isn't this a totally cool shot of my cat?

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