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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm Going To Disneyland!!!

Yup, you read that right...Disneyland. Weeeee! (I'm such a little kid at heart - am I really a mom?)

Last summer my generous parents gave Trevor a voucher for a weekend away with me, along with free babysitting, as a university graduation gift. (Yes, there is a maximum dollar attached to this gift) It hasn't been an option to redeem it until now due to Sierra needing my breast and busy schedules.
We put the little certificate in a drawer, mentioned it here and there but didn't do anything with it. About a month ago it hit us, once again, that time was quickly passing. I would be returning to work in mid-May (ack!), summer would be taken up with house building, and our babysitters would be holidaying so the pressure was suddenly on. If we didn't redeem it soon it would be next winter before we knew it and who knows what life would be like then. Our tenth anniversary was also approaching and we really wanted to use this as an opportunity to celebrate that event.
The original idea of use for the voucher was a quiet weekend in Waterton National Park which is a mere hour and a half drive away. I love Waterton, it is a quaint little tourist town among the magnificent Rocky Mountains but...I don't want to come across as picky...but it seemed rather ordinary to us and kinda close to home. Besides, the chances of us running into someone we know there are quite high and that's not particularly conducive to a romantic weekend getaway.

Trevor's initial, alternate destination of choice was Las Vegas. We scrolled through pages and pages of options on the 'net and came to the conclusion that it would be too expensive because we have to go over a weekend for our babsitters' convenience. Weekends in 'Vegas are much pricier than going during the week. Maybe it would be Waterton after all, they did have some appealing packages available.

I came up with the fabulous of idea of using our airmiles to fly somewhere 'exotic'. The money from my parents and kicking in some of our own would cover food and fun. My enthusiasm returned and I went through a list of options: Phoenix AR, Palm Springs CA, San Fransisco CA, Los Angeles CA - wait a minute, if we went to LA.....Disneyland!

That was it, that's where I desperately wanted to go. I have wanted to go there with Trevor for years. I can't explain why Disneyland, just an idea I got in my warped little brain once upon a time that I haven't been able to let go of. A flurry of phoning and 'net scanning took place and we're going for a very reasonable cost for three full days plus travel time.
I am very excited.

1 comment:

Kindra said...

Carla that's awesome! You guys will have so much fun. I went to Disney World when I was 17 and I totally loved it. I don't know what it was...even though I wasn't a kid, I still felt all the "Disney Magic". It made all these childhood movies and toys come alive for me. I remember watching one of the parades that go through the middle of the park quite frequently, and I totally got choked up seeing all the characters. I am such a dork.