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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Diet Discussion

You might be all wondering what's going on with Carla's crazy 'Body for Life' plan is. Maybe you don't care but I'm doing to talk about it anyway. Not much.
I'm in the middle of week 11 and truthfully, had hoped for far better results by now. There hasn't been much change since week 6. I had a breakdown over the lack of progress one day last week and refused to work out and ate cookies even though it wasn't cheat day.
Then I dusted the crumbs off and got back on the horse the next day.
These are my thoughts:
1. Loosing weight a is slow process. After all, it wasn't put on fast.
2. I'm not on an unrealistic crash diet, I'm developing a healthy lifestyle that I can continue.
3. I officially quite breast feeding in the middle of this program so my metabolism is adjusting.
4. My palate has refreshed itself. By having only one day to indulge it has forced me to consider what I truly enjoy that isn't particularly healthy. Now, I may have a treat in the middle of the week but only a small portion and only if I know I really like it.
5. Vegetables are good.
6. I don't have Mariah Carey's chef, or personal trainer, or housekeeper, or wealth to afford all those things (she apparently is the same size now as she was in grade 10! I must stop watching Oprah).
I'm a mom and wife who doesn't have time to work out for hours on end, or money for exotic healthy fruit, vegetables, and super-lean meat.
I feel really good. Even without dramatic visual results this has helped me feel better; healthier. Who knows? Maybe in this last week and a half a bunch of pounds will magically melt off!

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