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Monday, April 14, 2008

Poor Baby - again!

Sierra has grown into a generally happy baby. She smiles all the time, yells as loud as her little lungs will allow, babbles and squeals, enjoys her walks (both in the stroller and with me leading her along) and playing with her toys. Yesterday afternoon she developed a fussy, whiny demeanor. Nothing I did seemed to placate her, she even needed a time out in her crib at one point. At supper time her bottle was eagerly drained but solid food was staunchly refused.
Post nap number two. Sitting and visiting with some friends in our living room. Sierra sitting on my lap. Trevor says" Is that a sliver in her foot?"
Sure enough, a rather long sliver was poking out of the bottom of her tender baby foot! Trevor delicately pulled it out with his fingers. She must have picked it up while 'walking' around barefoot earlier that day.
Food was once again gobbled down and my happy baby returned.