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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

...and 2 = 6!

Last week Sierra had a very unpleasant stomach virus complete with very unpleasant diarrhea. I expressed some concern to various 'mom' friends of mine and, along with my own mother, the general consensus was that Sierra was the victim of a lovely bout of teething. I called the Health Link line to see if there was anything I should watch for or worry about because of the mass amounts of liquid oozing from her rear end. I made sure to mention the teething probability. After the plethora of questions about absolutely everything the nurse deducted that Sierra had likely contracted a virus, "teething doesn't cause diarrhea", and viruses need to be waited out. Okay, she was the professional sitting in front of a computer with the in-depth medical information I did not have access to.
This past weekend Sierra's bum issues eased up, then stopped, and her usual enthusiastic appetite returned. Yesterday I looked in her mouth, then felt to make sure, and.....drum roll please.... surprise, surprise two more teeth are working their way through!
I'd venture a guess that the nurse I spoke with was not a mom.

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