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Friday, April 11, 2008

House Selling Update

This past week we have had two house showings that were second showings. Meaning that the lookers had been here once before and must be seriously considering it. Two, in one week, you would think one of them would give us an offer! Not yet. House selling is a huge waiting game that requires truckloads of patience - which I'm not feeling I have right now.
Lookers numbered one are apparently between our house and another. Lookers numbered 2 have said that our house is their favourite. But....there is always a but.....the windows in our house are not in prime condition, the seals between the panes are broken so they look streaked and dirty even when they're clean because condensation gets in between. Obviously we know about that issue which we didn't think would be as big of an issue as it is as everyone is mentioning it. So here's the thing: we priced our house $24,000 less than an identical house across the street recently sold for. We recognized that it has brand new windows and super duper heating system which ours does not. On the other hand, we have a nicer kitchen and view and are including the appliances. Window not cheap, I know, but they are also not a hassle to replace. Apparently (according to some friends) it's a fairly painless process than can easily be done in one day with minimal mess.
What are these people waiting for!!!


adalex72 said...

My heart goes out to you. Selling houses can be a difficult game, good luck.

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