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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Magical World of Disney

Vile Villains + Pretty Princesses + Proud Princes + Colourful Cartoon Characters + Flitting Fairies + Pugnacious Pirates + Mischievous Mermaids + Languid Lions
= Magical Memories.
You know, I feared that as an adult Disneyland would appear faded and somewhat hokey to me; a place for kids and fanciful teenagers. Those thoughts couldn't have been more disproved. The park is fabulous. It is extremely vibrant and alive with fantasy and fun. It put my little-girl imagination into reality. I loved it!
California Adventure was also neat to see. It is built more like a typical amusement park with a section of it designed to look more old-fashioned. At a distance the roller coaster appears to be one of those rickety, bumpy, back-adjusting wooden ones. The ferris wheel also comes across as rather tame. They are anything but. Those are two of the thrill-seeker type rides, which Disneyland does not have.

The entrance to "Disneyland Resort." There's a short walk down a tree-lined road to a huge center courtyard. Disneyland Resort includes: Disneyland was to the right, California Adventure to the left and Downtown Disney (this includes the hotels and a bunch of high end stores) straight ahead.

The first thing you see upon passing through the gates of Disneyland. It was hard to get a good picture, too many people.

Main Street Disneyland

Us in Toontown

Sleeping Beauty's castle

Main street California Adventure

The amusement park section.

A free-fall ride based on 'The Twilight Zone'

Us in front of the river raft ride. The wait for this one on Saturday was 1hour and 45minutes. We rode it on Sunday after waiting 35 minutes..


Kindra said...

I'm glad you had a good trip Carla! It's nice to get away. How was it being away from Sierra?

Carla said...

It wasn't too bad being away from Sierra. In some ways it was a nice break. We definitely missed her and couldn't stop talking about her! Disneyland is not the place to go to forget about one's kids because they are everywhere.