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Friday, March 28, 2008


On Sunday the computer died.
The previous Thursday Trevor had tried to download a T.V. show. Despite his caution and all our virus programs something snuck in. Pop-ups became a nuisance and when we were on line the window would close for no reason. So we upgraded our virus program and ran a scan. The first time it froze at the 'delete' part, the second time it masqueraded having been a success but then when the computer was turned refused to come up when we turned it back on!
Fortunately Trevor knows a guy who can fix such problems and was able to save our stuff and restore the computer. Yayyy!
I've had so much time these last four days, it's almost sad.
My darling Sierra has also been sick. The lesser appetite began late last week and the diarrhea on Sunday. Poor kid! I haven't had this many pooey messes since she was 2 months old! It's especially unpleasant to clean up while running errands! The little trooper has remained in generally good spirits (some crankiness for sure, but that's allowed) and she still wants to walk laps around our house a few times a day. The Health Link Nurse figures she caught a virus and we just have to let it run it's course, up to a week. I think she's close to the end; she ate more enthusiastically yesterday.
I'm such a mom, it has agonized me all week to have her ill.

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