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Friday, March 7, 2008


"Stress: the worry experienced by a person in particular circumstances, or the state of anxiety caused by this."
Yup, that's me. I didn't realize it until I spent Wednesday night tossing and turning in bed, and then roaming the house during hours not meant to be consciously experienced. My sleeplessness was in part due to my infliction of horrific heartburn. Heartburn is not that unusual for me but when I do get it it goes away by 2am or so and has a legitimate reason for being there. I did not eat or drink anything bad Wednesday night and it refused to go away until close to 5am. My mind would also NOT shut off, which contributed to the aforesaid not sleeping. I even got up at 3am to read my magazine and eat some crackers in attempt to settle my stomach down. I NEVER get up in the middle of the night because I can't sleep.
Why stressed?
1. What a pain in the $#%^ to try and keep our house ridiculously clean and tidy and "show worthy" for selling with a baby and a husband around.
2. Selling our house. We never know if we'll have to disappear at inconvenient hours to allow for a showing.
3. Trevor not getting called to sub much during the last couple of weeks
4. Money; bill paying
5. My going back to work and other "work" choices.
6. Other life busyness that in itself is manageable but with everything else is another 50 pound weight.
"This too shall pass".


kindra said...

I hear ya.

med neophyte said...

You are right. Things can weigh pretty heavy, even if you know 6 months, a year from now it will all seem small and distant.

I hope things come together for you sooner rather than later.