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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tesing my resolve

Trevor decided to bake chocolate cookies. They look and smell amazing and my mouth is totally watering. I loooove freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, especially with a glass of cold milk. They are calling my name: "Carla, eat me. We are incridibly yummy..."

Then I look at the before pictures I've taken of myself in a bikini - and the cookies don't seem nearly as tempting anymore.


kindra said...

Wow Carla! You're better than I. I can't ever say no to food ;)

Carla said...

It just about killed me yesterday!

MiaBlz said...

Eat the cookies and then hit the treadmill. When we had the snow storm
I baked chocolate chunk cookies then turned around and made ginger bread cookies. And Im working out trying to regain the shape I once had and I ate those cookies and they made me happy. Shoot can't walk away from fresh baked cookies. It's not what you eat it's how much you eat. One wont hurt you. It's the dozen that kills it.