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Monday, March 3, 2008

Poor Baby!

To quote a friend "I was a bad mommy today."

Sierra woke up her usually cheery self this morning, ate a good sized breakfast of cereal and formula and remained happy throughout our morning of errands. We returned home at around noon and tried putting her down for her nap. Nope, it was too close to lunch to worry about sleep so crying ensued. We offered her a delectable lunch of baby mush and she exhibited a healthy appetite. Once again we lay her down for her nap. She cried again.
"Hmmm, rather unusual."
I let her play for awhile then tried for sleep again with no success. I fed her another bottle which she greedily sucked back.
"Ahh, her little tummy wasn't full! Who can sleep on an empty stomach?"
I lay her down again, and again she cried. I left her because I didn't think anything could possibly be wrong. I had checked all the usual culprits and given her drugs, just in case, so she had to be fine. She carried on mournfully for an hour and then I couldn't take it anymore. By now it was time for her to eat again. While I was feeding her supper, she farted magnificently and pooped.
"That's it! Her tummy was hurting, all should be well now."

We had a 6:00 showing of our house and had to leave. So we went to vote. Sierra remained calm but not overly smiley, but then again she hadn't slept all day. When we came home we thought
"She sleep now for sure- likely for the night."

A half an hour later she was becoming quite distraught. I held her, she cried, I fed her another bottle, she ate and cried, I tried the old new-born tricks, she cried. She was also flapping her arms so I knew she was in pain. I was at my witts end; Sierra was not settling down and my concern for her was mounting. Finally I thought

"I'll try a warm bath, a nurse once said that can help ease tummy aches."

I got the water running and proceded to undress her. I unvelcroed her booties and pulled off her socks and she screamed even louder. It was then that I looked at her feet and they were swollen! Upon closer inspection I deducted that somehow the way her socks and booties were put on this morning had caused the circulation to be cut off to her feet all day! No wonder she was screaming.

Within minutes she was settled down and splashing in the tub and offering smiles. Phew! I feel absolutely awful (even though it wasn't me that dressed her), but who would've thought? The shocks and shoes weren't on her feet that tight, just on wierd. Poor baby! She is now sleeping contentedly in her father's arms on the couch!


kindra said...

Aww Poor Sierra!! But don't feel bad Carla...I heard a very similar story from another mom. Her baby had been screaming all day and it was very unlike him, but she just kept trying to let him cry it out at his naps to no avail. Eventually they pulled off his booties and a long strand of the mom's hair had somehow wrapped around the big toe and it had turned purple! Of course once that came off they had a happy baby.

I love how we as parents just fumble our way along parenthood :) We are all in the same boat.

med neophyte said...

That's why I am not going into Peds. It might take 45 minutes for an old guy to tell me what is wrong with him but at least he can, when he finally gets around to it.

This might be a good tip for my peds rotation: if the baby is upset and you can't figure out why strip them and inspect everywhere.