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Monday, March 10, 2008

Older vs Newer

When Trevor and I were equipping ourselves for having Sierra we bought a lot of stuff used due to lack of money. We saved HUGE and we were very proud of ourselves. One of the items we purchased was a Graco-brand travel system (stroller and car seat that also fits in the stroller). We were told it was four years old when we bought it and it looked in great condition. I was admittedly a little jealous of people who were able to get a brand new system but overall I really like this one, pictured on the left. It works fabulously. Sierra has outgrown the car seat but the stroller is still frequently used. We have since found out that car seats are only valid for seven years and it turns out that the manufacturer date on this one is May 2002. This means it expires next year already. Hmmmm. Keep the stroller and buy a new infant seat for baby number two when the time comes? Sell the system while it's still usable, buy a new stroller now and car seat later?

Here's what we did. We bought another Graco travel system (see picture on right). It was used for four months and is dated January 2007. Graco is known to be a top brand in baby strollers and car seats both in quality and price. Again, we saved a fair chunk of dough compared to the same set new. I was very excited. This stroller folds up more compactly and Sierra sits in it more comfortably. It steers easily and rides smoothly but....(here it comes...) it creaks (plastic on metal, make sense right?) and already has a squeak in the wheels! What the...? My other one does not do that and it has been through snow and water and I have taken this one out twice on dry sidewalks. Now I'm getting myself worked up. Breath. Grease the wheels and try it a few more times. It's a good brand, not cheap, and works well otherwise. It was a smart purchase. Right?

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