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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Conquering Sleepiness

What would the world do without caffeine? Probably sleep more, or else function horribly (if function at all). After a number of successive late nights and earlier mornings I was feeling about 60 years old after getting up today. I just couldn't get myself into a working state of consciousness. I managed to play with Sierra, out of necessity, which seemed to take enormous amounts of effort. I clock watched the entire time in anticipation of her nap. Of course the nap came an hour later than usual! I am not in the habit of kickstarting my day with caffeine. I don't really know why, I guess I don't wish to become dependant on it. I also have a sensativity to too much caffeine. Finally at noon I could take it no longer. I made coffee. Mmmmm.
As I savoured the first few sips of my rich brew I could feel it's magic take effect. It's warmth eased down to my stomach, through my legs and arms and finally my brain. With that warmth came the much needed alertness and motivation. Wow, what a difference, now I feel human. How pathetic - or is it?
What would the world do without caffeine?

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