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Monday, March 17, 2008

Half way...

I have successfully completed six of the twelve weeks in the Body for Life program. My progress to date:

Weight loss: 4-5 pounds
Inches lost: 1.5 each on waist and hips.

I have noticed a bit of change, as has Trevor, but I dont' think anyone else does. Nothing overly dramatic has occurred but I'm telling myself that's okay. I'm working on a lifestyle that's realistic and healthy. Hard core diets can work but often when people go off of them the results don't last. Hey, if I double my losses in the next six weeks I'll be happy.
I feel really good and my cheat day yesterday wasn't even as enjoyable as it has been. My taste palatte must be adapting. The hardest part for me is eating nutritional snacks. Protein bars are good but they get expensive. Protein shake smoothies are good but they take preparation. Vegetables.. well, they're just not satisfying. Almonds and a piece of fruit are great. Yogurt is good and so is cottage cheese mixed with cinnamon and Splenda. That's not a lot of variety so I'll have to go on a nutritious snack hunt.
On a side note: My friend Kindra blogs about a monthly dinner evening they have with friends where the food is authentic to a particular country. My mouth waters each time I read one of those posts and I think "diet schmiet!".

1 comment:

kindra said...

Wow half way! Go Carla!!