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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Momma Tag

You've been tagged! If you read this blog, you are a mom, AND you have a blog of your own, this is a Momma Tag. Fill out these questions on your own blog - it's fun. Happy Blogging!
Typical time of wake-up: 8:30am but I don't pick Sierra up until around 9.
How long you have been a momma: 9 months
How old were you when you became a mom: 29 years old
Favorite Kids show: Not into that yet
Least Favorite Kids show: Not into that yet
Favorite chore: Laundry
Least favorite chore: Hand washing floors
Meal you cook most often: toast and eggs - it's a quick, easy, nutritious standby but not necessarily our favourite.
5 things that make you smile when you are being a mom:
1. The big smile I get first thing in the morning
2. Sierra's babble - mamamama is especially heart warming
3. Sierra's giggles when I tickle her or play peek-a-boo
4.Sierra's total enthrallment with new thing.
5. Her joy at seeing Granny and Grandpa
Favorite thing your husband does with your kids: cuddle with her in the evening before she goes to bed
Last time you went out with no kids: This past Saturday, our church choir (which we are in) sang in a fundraising concert for Compassion Canada and there was no child care so....
Favorite pastime/activity with kids: Going for long walks
1 thing you said you would never do when you were a mom: I don't think I ever said anything knowing that I'd probably end doing exactly that.
If you had an afternoon to yourself what would you do?: Take a long bath with a sappy novel and pamper myself.
1 thing you do that your mom did & now you do: I don't know
Favorite quality of your own mom: Her ability to listen and give amazing advice.
Favorite kids book: Too many, Whinnie the Pooh is good though.
Best advice for a new mom: Everyone will have their opinion on everything, take it for what's it's worth and then use what works for you.
Scariest or most heartbreaking moment as a mom: When Sierra cried mournfully off and on all day at about 8 months old. I didn't figure out what was wrong until the evening - the way her socks and shoes were on were cutting the circulation off her feet.
Most joyful moment as a mom: The first time Sierra got truely excited at seeing me.
Last time your child told you they love you: Ummm, Sierra lacks words at this point.
Last time you said I love you to your kid(s): Yesterday.


kindra said...

Yay you did it! Good for you for not resorting to kids shows yet to keep your baby happy :) Eva likes the Silly Songs with Larry the best...I do too.

Carla said...

It helps that with satallite we don't get the Treehouse channel unless we specifically order it.