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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cooking Spree

It.was exactly one month ago when I first relented and made my own baby food for Sierra. She likes the broccoli. The beans and eggplant aren't a favourite but I disguise them by mixing them with food she likes. All the fruit combo's are a hit and she loves the cereal (oats, barley and brown rice). The only bought food Sierra's been eating is the meat mixtures.
The last time I ventured to Superstore to stock up I was dismayed to see that their Organic baby food has gone up to $0.57 a jar. Sneaky marketing! Make the price nice and low and get babies addicted to the authentic tasting organic food and then raise the price hoping that mom's will continue to buy it. Not this mom! Since I refuse to buy the non-organic because it tastes like cardboard my only option is to make it.
Make it I did today:
1. Two ice-cube trays of cereal

2. (starting left) 1 large jar of peas, chicken and pasta
3. 2 small and 1 large jars of peas
4. 3 small jars of broccoli
5. 4 small jars of apple/banana (apple sauce I made last summer)
6. 1 large jar of apple/kiwi
7. 1 small jar of apple/banana/kiwi
8. 3 small and 1 large jars of blueberry/apple/banana
9. 2 not full jars of peas and chicken and a tiny bit of broccoli (I ran out of small jars by this point)

It took me almost 3 hours, and I ended up with a huge mess but this will last Sierra quite awhile and our pocket book will like it. I'm going to cook up some other meat, yams, and carrots soon too. I even had fun doing it - maybe it was the good sleep last night and the two cups of coffee this morning!

1 comment:

Kindra said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! That is ALOT of baby food. I need to get my butt in gear and go on a babyfood makin' spree too. I've been really slacking lately...