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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby Gourmet

I relented. I decided that I should make baby food for Sierra. This decision came from the fact that the food that is available for her stage (the earlier stages are too runny by now) in the organic PC is orange: carrots with peas and beans, squash, and sweet potatoes. Sierra has also been eating meat for about two weeks and those, too, are orange concoctions: turkey with sweet potatoes, chicken and vegetables (carrots and peas) beef and vegetables. Orange is good but my darling baby's skin is developing a faint orange hue. She gets fruit as well (which is mostly not orange) but the variety for that is also dwindling. Since I try to feed Sierra a mix of fruit and veggies there is always something orange in her bowl. If I were Sierra I'd be getting bored of my menu options, hence the cook off by her sympathetic parents.
This afteroon Trevor and I cooked up a baby smorg: green beans, broccoli, eggplant, avacado and apple sauce, banana and apple sauce, and blueberries and apple sauce. We made tons of apple sauce this past summer for this reason alone and now I'm finally using it! By the weekend the pears should be ripe so we'll mush those up. I also want whip up some mashed peas and cook up and shred some meat. Oh and I also ground up some oatmeal, barley and brown rice for cereal, I clued in to the fact that it will be way cheaper than buying those small boxes. Duh. Fun stuff. Not really. It made a huge mess and I won't say that it was easy. Maybe we did too many things at once? Sierra will eat well anyway - assuming she even likes it!

1 comment:

kindra said...

Wow, you totally went to town on the homemade baby food! I've never made that much at once. Funny thing about your post, is that I just got some PC Organic baby food. Haha! Role reversal. I actually didn't want to, but my dad is here visiting and decided to buy Eva 12 jars. I let him, because he bought things that I can't make because they aren't in peaches. And boy does Eva like peaches!! Looks like we'll have to buy her some peaches once in awhile.

Oh and I also ground up some brown rice to make Eva homemade baby food. She gagged and puked so I haven't made it again! It probably didn't help that it was a 3 year old bag of rice that was most likely stale. Yeesh...I don't blame her.

Oh P.S. I also had a friend tell me that her baby LOVED sweet potatoes and ate them everyday, so he too got an orange nose!