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Friday, May 30, 2008

"Fire!" - Another 'Crazy Man' Story

I've been slacking I know. Being a working woman sure takes a lot of time out of a day!
Anyway, this blog site is causing me issues too which irritates me when I type. I can't make paragraphs or center anything or spell check....(The next day:I've fixed it somewhat now)

Anyway, I got a phone call the other night that still has me laughing. If you recall, Trevor and I have some friends who moved to a small country community in the middle of know-where. Well not quite know-where because we've been able to find it, twice. I recently wrote about some of the quirks of small town living (can't do a link either - oh wait, now I can). These friends of ours were in their dining room when they heard sirens screaming away outside. There are, like, twenty houses, in this town and not much generally happens so sirens are a big deal. They look outside and sure enough, two huge fire trucks with their lights flashing and sirens blaring complete with firemen decked out in full fire-gear have come screeching up to crazy man's house.
Let me interject for a moment, it's been raining heavily here for over a week and everything is completely soggy and hasn't a hope in !#@! of burning. Except....when you light a large fire in a burning barrel. That's what it appears crazy man did. Our friends are not sure why the emergency, even though the fire did look pretty large isn't the point of a burning barrel to contain it? Those heroic firemen got out their big hoses and managed to put out that raging wild fire. Phew! The town was safe!
I was told it was quite a funny scene to watch. These friends have also heard that the fire department is volunteer and they like to practice once or twice a month so maybe that's what this was all about? But a burning barrel fire?
I love small towns!

1 comment:

adalex72 said...

I have been having problems with paragraphs and line breaks; I put them in but when post is published they're gone! Try to type in the Edit HTML mode, see if that works.

Thats quite a funny story about the fire - not that fires are funny or anything, you know what I mean.