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Friday, May 16, 2008

"Everybody's Working For The Weekend...."

It's Friday.
Then the weekend. In over ten years of work I have never had the luxury of anticipating the end of Fridays knowing I have the weekend off on a regular basis. This is a new concept for me. I had weekends off, sure, but I worked way more than I didn't. As much as business hours have changed in the last decade there is still something about
"the weekend".
Anyway, I have had a good week. I'm tired and ready to give my bombarded mind a break, but I would say that I definitely like my new place of work and the people I work with.
Trevor, Sierra, and I are flying to the coast tomorrow for four days with Trevor's family. His mom is having Sierra withdrawal. After a first week of work and all that went with it, travelling and visiting is the last thing I want to do. Oh well. I'll have a good time and I can't very well even think about denying a grandma the pleasure of a granddaughter as cute and adorable as ours now can I?

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