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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekend At The In-Laws

Trevor, Sierra, and I had a lovely extended long weekend visiting Trevor's parents on the B.C. coast. We flew out on Saturday afternoon and Sierra behaved like an angel on the plane. She quite enjoyed chewing on her unopened package of Bits n Bits and reading the in-flight magazine.
Our activities of the included:
1. Saturday night drinks and appetizers with a great long time friend of mine and her boyfriend. I hadn't met this boyfriend and I say he's a keeper. Trevor and I quite like him.
2. A leisurely, Sunday afteroon stroll along the ocean and out onto a pier (along with everyone else in the Lower Mainland!). The sky was blue, the sun shining, and the surf was gently brining the tide in. We ended the afternoon eating ice cream cones on a bench.
3. Sunday evening meal with more great friends. Beer and nachos at a local joint called Lou's. It's neat place with a tavern sort of atmosphere with a blaring juke box and wooden floors and furniture. Rumour has it it is owned by the Hell's Angels.
4. Monday morning breakfast at "De Dutch Pannekoek Haus". They serve awesome gargantuan crepes with yummy filling options.
5. Monday lunch with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We always enjoy visits with them.
6. Tuesday morning shopping for Sierra (my mother in law and me). What could be more fun than buying cute baby things?
7. A few competative games scattered throughout each day.
It was a really nice visit. Sierra played strange with everyone, which was hard for the grandparents, but understandable. Thankfully she was really well behaved as long as we were there. I thought reality would hit me hard this morning with the time change and all but I felt pretty good all day. That proves it was a great weekend!

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