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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Love To Go A Wandering....

We finally had a gorgeous summer-like day here. Warm weather has been so sporadic this spring and it's starting to irritate a lot of people. Myself included. I enjoyed a lovely, luxurious sleep-in followed by a delightful morning playing with a cheery Sierra. Trevor went to work for half a day so it was just the two of us, like old times.
This afternoon we frantically cleaned up the house and yard as we had a 4 o'clock showing. The number of views is starting to pick up which is encouraging, we had three the last four days.
In effort to increase the street appeal of our house I plopped Sierra on a blanket on the front lawn. She looked so adorable that I had to snap some pictures and share them with you! While Sierra played I planted a few lively Marigolds in the flower beds. I love planting annuals, it's so quick and easy and they always look so pretty!

This evening I went for a walk with Sierra. I love walks. I love the feel of the warm breeze, I love smelling the fresh air, and I love seeing others enjoy the balmy weather. Walking provides me with exercise, time to contemplate, and they entertain Sierra.
Although I've always enjoyed walks they became my sanity saving activity last summer. I was adjusting to life with Sierra and anyone who knows her will tell you that she is always in need of stimulation. She is rarely content to just sit and amuse herself. She keeps us very busy when she' s awake. Last summer I reached a point where I didn't know what to do with her. Being a new mom and alone all day I would get very frustrated. Sierra would be fussy and nothing would placate her. Then I began to go for long walks with her to pass the time. Sierra generally calmed right down and almost always fell asleep. My anxieties would ebb away with each step and I'd become rejuvenated enough to happily get through the remainder of the day.

On my walk this evening I was enjoying my solitude and wondering what my life would be like if I was single. I really can't imagine that.
My house would likely remain quite clean and tidy the majority of the time. I would be living in a condo or much smaller house. I would likely know how to do a lot more 'typically male' things like changing the oil on my car. I probably wouldn't have traveled nearly as much..or maybe more. I certainly wouldn't know over half of my friends. Would I be lonely? Would I have more hobbies? Where would I be living?

Not that any of that even remotely matters. I was just thinking. Then I went on to think how much I enjoy my life as it is. I truly, deeply and genuinely love my husband and daughter. My families on both sides are made up of great people who I also love. I am part of an awesome church. I have some wonderful friends. I don't hate my job - I actually quite like it! I have a nice house and am journeying to building another. I have had and still have great opportunities to do many fun things.And right now, I am sipping a delicious glass of chilled white wine on warm summery evening!Life is grand!
(Grrrr! I still can't format like I want!)

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