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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jobs Jobs Jobs

I got up on Thursday, like I do every day, expecting it to be pretty much like every day. Sierra drank her bottle, we both ate some cereal, we both got dressed, and that particular morning I prepared for a friend to come for coffee.


Then the phone rang.


It was a co-worker from three years ago saying that the optometrists' office she worked for desperately needed me.

I laughed a little in disbelief.

"Okay," I said. What else should I say in response to that?

This person went on to ask me if I was even planning on returned to work.


I also said it was not going to be LensCrafters and explained where I was expected to start on Monday.

"Oh," says my former co-worker.

"But your office can always make me an offer," I went on.

"Sure, I'll talk to the doctors."

I gave her some info as to what Optiks International was providing me and we hung up.

She called back an hour later asking if I could come in and meet with the office manager.

I said "no problem."

What in the world do I make of this?

I laughed a little more in disbelief.

I went to this place, Visual Effects it is called, around two o'clock and chatted with the office manager. They ended up offering me a very good wage plus monthly incentives which added $1.25-$2.50/h.




My mind was reeling.

No benefits or license fees paid for but the wage easily made up for that. No weekends at all for now because of their lack of staff and even when they are staffed it'll be one Saturday in three at most. It's a busy office, so no risk of boredom. The office has a good reputation and when we first moved back here I thought that would be the place to work.

I went home feeling like I was going to throw up. I called Optiks right away and explained the situation. When they learned of the wage offer I got this was the response,


They couldn't increase their offer at all.

It was a no-brainer.


I felt and still feel terrible for Optiks because they did so much to make the right job situation for me. As I thought about it though, they are not hiring me, Carla, they wanted me, the optician. Then I didn't feel quite so bad.

The increase in earnings is pretty much exactly what we need to make up our monthly expenses. (Refer to this previous blog of me freaking out over our finances.)

This is totally, undeniably a God-thing.

I shouldn't be amazed but I am.

I am also extremely thankful and all credit and praise to Him!

I'm still reeling.

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